Is excess insurance really necessary?

Insurance for this, insurance for that. You’re covered for this but you’re not covered for that.

We cut through the jargon to find out if excess insurance for car hire really is necessary or just another scam.

Right, here’s the story – every possible Nova quotation, regardless of location or car type, includes 3rd Party Insurance, Vehicle Damage Cover (to a fixed amount) and Theft Protection. 

It is the fixed amount (or as the jargon-filled car hire industry calls it – the excess) where this whole ‘excess insurance’ comes into view. Our excess insurance reduces your liability to zero so that if any damage is caused to your hire car you won’t be liable for any of the costs.

This will set you back UK£3.99 per day if you buy it from us but is it really necessary to purchase this extra cover? Here’s a look at the good and bad points of excess insurance -

The Good:

If you’re worried about your car hire being pronged in traffic – get hold of some excess insurance.

If you’re worried about your hire car getting a nasty scratch while you’ve parked it up – arrange some excess insurance.

If you’re worried that the local roads will cause damage to the suspension of the hire car and you don’t want to fork out ridiculous repair fees – sort out some excess insurance.

If you’re worried about some local hood breaking into your hire car and causing untold damage – purchase some excess insurance.

If you don’t want the potential hassle of disputing any damage with the rental firm while you’re abroad or even when you get home – you guessed it, get excess insurance.

The great thing about Nova’s excess insurance is that you most certainly won’t have to take out any further insurance for the car you’re renting.

When you collect your vehicle, the car rental supplier’s rep might try to push some extra insurance on you (that’s their job!) but you can tell them you’re already sorted.

The Bad:

Although you pay extra for an excess insurance product you may not actually have to use it – that’s the nature of insurance though, depends on whether or not you want to pay for peace of mind.

Any damage to the rental vehicle is automatically charged to your credit card – you have to claim it back when you get home. To be fair though, you simply fill out a claim form; submit it and then all of the costs are returned to you. Better than having to fork out a fortune on repair costs.

When you collect your hire car, you’ll probably be offered all sorts of extra cover on top of Nova’s excess insurance. This kind of makes you question the usefulness of it in the first place, as there can be confusion over what you are actually covered for.

With Nova’s excess insurance product you really are covered for everything (this is not just a shameful plug!) including—broken windows, damage to the underside of the vehicle and tyre damage. This also extends to any extra drivers.

If you do buy Nova’s excess insurance and then get offered more excess insurance by the car hire supplier please refuse it, point-blank. If you take out another excess insurance policy the Nova policy becomes null and void, so you really will be wasting your cash.

Back to the original question – is excess insurance really necessary? Well, you will have peace of mind so it’s your call as to whether you think our price of UK£3.99 per day is worth it.