UK Airport delays: hire a car & beat the queues

Forget the airport queues, if you need to get around the UK this Christmas weekend just hire a car.

Unfortunately this Christmas season the weather seems to have played havoc with flight schedules in the UK. Many people wishing to return to loved ones have literally been grounded.

London Heathrow, the UK’s busiest airport, has been forced to cancel nearly all domestic flights. As a result trains and buses are fully booked – even though extra services have been scheduled.  

So why not avoid the Christmas delays, hire a car and beat the airport queues? With the awful weather conditions forecast to last for at least another 48 hours, make sure you don’t get left behind this Christmas.

And because we’ve got locations throughout the UK (not just at airports) if you are lucky enough to get a train or bus you can complete the rest of your journey by car from a rail station, bus station or city/town location.

If you’re worried about driving conditions, your best bet is to check out the AA’s roadwatch service for the latest advice on the UK’s roads.

Go on, pack your bags (and pressies) and rent a car…..and in the words of Chris Rea, you could be “driving home for Christmas” in no time.

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