Czech Republic Travel Tips – Know Before You Go!

The Czech Republic is a fantastic holiday destination. Whether it’s for a two-week break or a long weekend, if you visit once you’ll probably go back again. Beautiful warm summers and winters with a crisp festive feeling, along with great shopping and a bustling nightlife make the Czech Republic a unique destination.

Of course most of us think of Prague when the Czech Republic is mentioned but there’s lots more to the Czech Republic. Some of the smaller towns are equally as pretty, steeped in history and have endless things to see and do.

Czech Republic Car Hire Tip – In the Czech Republic you drive on the right hand side. All passengers must wear safety belts and only children over 12 years of age can sit in the front passenger seat.

Having a car in the Czech Republic is probably the best way to see the country. Prague itself is beautiful with so much to see and do. The city gets busy with traffic but it’s easy to get around. Parking can be a problem but it’s possible to leave your car outside the city at many of the park and ride areas that are located at metro stations. Alternatively there are many secure car parks in the city.

The Old Town in Prague is well worth a visit. This historic part of the city has amazing architecture. The pedestrianised Gothic Charles Bridge has 30 famous statues and beautiful views of Prague Castle especially at sunset. You’ll have to check the time on the Astronomical Clock on the wall of Old Town City Hall. This amazing clock gives you far more than the time. It also gives you the seasons and the months, the zodiac signs and the sun and moon. On the hour a variety of movements occur depicting death in the form of a skeleton to a demonstration of Christ and the apostles. Huge crowds begin to gather just before the clock strikes to witness its actions.

Czech Republic Car Hire Tip – The speed limit on the motorways is 130km/hr, it’s 90km/hr on roads and 50km/hr in built up areas. To drive on the motorway you need to purchase a motorway usage window sticker. You will be penalised if you don’t display this sticker.

Having your own transport will allow you to explore some of the other towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Plzen is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and the capital of West Bohemia. It’s about an hour’s drive from Prague along the E50.The historical city centre provides the backdrop to the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Church. The town also has a historical underground which has a series of three storey cellars built over time since the middle ages – it’s well worth checking out. Plzen also has the third largest synagogue in the world.

The town of Terezin is 60km from Prague. Take route E55 north from Prague and the journey will take about an hour. The Nazi’s used Terezin as a concentration camp during World War II and held Jewish prisoners here en route to Auschwitz in Poland. Many Jews also died here. Today there is a museum and memorial here.

Czech Republic Car Hire Tip – In the Czech Republic you have to drive with your headlights on at all times.

Cesky Krumlov, which is on the UNESCO heritage list, is a little gem of a town and can only be appreciated by spending a day or two here. It has amazing buildings and is exceptionally pretty at night when the quiet streets are lit up by lights of the castle which towers over the town. To get here take route E55 south of Prague through Ceske Budejovice.

Karlovy Vary is known worldwide for its spas. This elegant town has been host to numerous famous people over the years with visits from people like Beethoven, Casanova and Mozart. A film festival is held here every year in July and attracts numerous well-known faces from the film industry. This peaceful town oozes beauty and charm and can be reached from Prague by travelling route E48.

Olomouc is the fifth largest and one of the most attractive cities in the Czech Republic. It’s located south east of Prague. Take Exit 46 off route D1 and follow route 462. The historic city, with its cobblestone streets, has numerous cathedrals and palaces. The city is host to a number of festivals throughout the year with the Czech’s largest beer festival in May, a ten-day summer festival and an organ festival sometime between September and October.

Czech Republic Car Hire Tip – The Czech Republic has a zero tolerance for drink driving. The blood/alcohol level limit is zero. You simply cannot take a drink and drive here.

Roznov pod Radhostem is in the far eastern corner of the Czech Republic. It’s a picturesque town hidden in the Beskydy Mountains in Northern Moravia. The main attraction in the town is the Wallachian Open Air Museum. Allow a day here to wander through the little wooden town, the Wallachian Village. Sample the traditional Wallachian meals or take part in many of the events scheduled here throughout the year. The town is amazing in the winter.

If you fancy a game of golf while in the Czech Republic there are numerous golf courses to choose from. In West Bohemia some of the more popular courses are Royal GC Marianske Lazne, Golf Resort Karlovy Vary which is north west of Prague on route E48 and GC Golf Park Plzen which is south west of Prague on the E50. In Prague there’s the Golf Resort Konopiste while the Golf Resort Karlstejn is 45 minutes south west of Prague.  In North Moravia you’ll find the Golf Resort Celadna. When choosing your car hire make sure you  take into account the golf bag!
There’s plenty to do with the kids in the Czech Republic. Pack a picnic and head for Vysehrad Castle & Park. Just 10 minutes drive from Prague you’ll find Prague’s largest swimming centre. The Podoli Complex has a 50m outdoor swimming pool that is open all summer and a 33m outdoor pool open all year and heated in wintertime. The indoor pool is open all year and they also have a paddling pool for the little ones. There is also a fitness centre, sauna and restaurants in Podoli. Afterwards visit the castle and enjoy your picnic in one of the quiet peaceful green areas. The kids will have plenty of space to burn off any excess energy and you can sit back and relax. The sunset here is definitely worth seeing!

Most of the towns in the Czech Republic have nice quiet green areas where you can enjoy a picnic and relax. If you wish to avail of a top quality car rental, visit our Car Hire Czech Republic page.

Remember to give us a shout via the comment box below if you have any questions or if you’ve any tips on hiring a car in the Czech Republic…enjoy your trip.