Turin Attractions by Car

Turin – was the original capital of Italy when the nation of Italy was first founded. The city is little more than an hour from the French border and as a result the culture of the city is distinctly more French than your typical Italian city. The city is perhaps best known as the home of the Fiat car manufacturers.

While you are in the city you could visit such attractions as the Mole Antonelliana, formerly a synagogue but now houses the National Museum of Film; the Valentino Park, where you can find the Medieval Village and the Valentino Castle; and the Palazzo Madama, house of the Senate of the Italian Republic. There is also the Egyptian Museum and the Cathedral of Superga that overlooks the city.

What’s to see in the Turin Area?
Turin has much to offer the curious tourist, both inside and outside of the city.

Heading out of the city, you can find the small town of Rivoli just a few kilometres to the west of Turin. Here you will find the Castello di Rivoli, which is an unfinished Residence of the Royal House of Savoy and now houses a museum of contemporary art.

Other House of Savoy residences located outside the city include the Stupinigi Hunting Pavilion, which is located between the towns of Orbassano and Nichelino, to the south of the city. There is also the Racconigi Castle, which is a further 20kms south from Turin. There are also the House of Savoy hunting reserves, La Mandria Park and Stupinigi Park that are both now natural reserves.

Located a little further west of Turin beyond the town of Rivoli, you will find the town of Avigliana. Just to the south of this town you can find Saint Michael’s Abbey (Sacra di San Michele). This is an ancient abbey built on top of a rock in 10th century and was been dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael.

Heading north from Turin, towards the Alps on the A5, you will come across the town of Ivrea. This town is quite small but is worth stopping off at on your trip north. In the town you can find a 14th century castle and the cathedral that has been a holy site since the 4th century. Every February there is the Battle of Oranges, which is somewhat similar to the La Tomatina festival in Valencia but with Oranges instead of Tomatoes!

The Parco Nazionale Del Gran Paradiso is situated to the west of Ivrea and the North-West of Turin. This was the first national park in Italy and it features a large area of high mountains including the highest peak in the Graian Alps, Gran Paradiso. There is also a large selection of flora and fauna to be enjoyed.

To the north of the park there is the town of Aosta, which is some 110kms from Turin. The drive up is definitely worth it for the views alone. But while you are there you could take some time to take a look around to see the Arch of Augustus, the Porta Praetoria, the Aosta Cathedral, the Saint-Bénin College and a number of the towers from the ancient roman wall that still survive to this day.

The Alps are the biggest mountain range in Western Europe and have played a huge part in its history. During the summer you could visit one of the nearby national parks such as Orsiera Rocciavrè Park, or Val Varaita Park. During the winter months you will be spoilt for choice with a wide range ski resorts including Via Lattea, which includes over 400kms of ski-able piste!

Located about 140kms to the east and a little north is the major city of Milan. Milan is one of the world capitals of fashion and is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. While there you could make time to visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie, a museum which houses Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting and if you are a soccer fan then the San Siro Stadium which is home to both AC Milan and Inter Milan should certainly go on your to-do list.

Towards the coast you can find the city of Genoa. This, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, is always worth a visit. In the city you can find the continents largest aquarium, the Naval Museum, the Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art and the historical city centre, which is also the biggest in Europe!

To the east over the border into France, you can find Monaco which is the worlds 2nd smallest independent nation. If you are around at the right time of year the Monaco Grand Prix is well worth seeing and if not you could always try walking the circuit. Other attractions include the Grand Casino, the Salle Garnier and the “Golden Circle”, which is where all the best clothes shops are.

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