From Ottawa by Car

Ottawa – was chosen as Canada’s capital by Queen Victoria as a compromise between Montreal and Toronto. This has led to the city arising from a simple lumber village to becoming one of the fastest growing cities in North America. This recent origin means that it is a very modern city and it has a large immigrant population, which means it has an interesting blend of cultures.

While you are in the city you could visit such attractions as the Parliament Hill, which runs a Sound and Light Show throughout the summer months; the Canadian War Museum, the National Aviation Museum and all the other museums are open with free admission on Canada Day on July 1st.

What’s to see in the Ottawa Area?
Ottawa has much to offer the curious tourist, both inside and outside of the city.

Heading out of the city you can find Gatineau right across the river. Gatineau is actually in the neighbouring province of Quebec. This proximity is handy because Gatineau has all the services of a major city without the huge number of people so rush hours tend to be quieter. While there don’t forget to visit the Museum of Civilisation or perhaps take a look around Gatineau Park where you are partake in a number of activities such as skiing, hiking, etc.

Located about 200kms to the east you will find Montreal. This city is a must see as it is the cultural capital of the French speaking Quebec province. The main sights to see in Montreal would perhaps include the Olympic Stadium and maybe the Biosphere that now is home to the Environment Museum.

Heading in the other direction will get you to Toronto after about 400kms. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and it is located on the shores of Lake Ontario of the Great Lakes. One of the main attractions of the city is the CN Tower where the views are particularly spectacular.

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