Cultural Tour of Ireland – The AIB Street Performance World Championship 2008

There is a rather unusual event taking place in mid June this year in Merrion Square Park, Dublin. It is the AIB Street Performance World Championship 2008. This event brings performers from all over the world to compete for the coveted title of Street Performance World Champion!

The AIB Street Performance World Championship, takes place from Friday 13th of June to Sunday the 15th. It will feature performers from all over the world including Japan, USA, Spain, Australia, Belgium, UK, Zimbabwe, Russia, and of course there will also be some local talent as well.

As an example of what you can expect, last years winner was the Space Cowboy from Australia, whose act consisted of him juggling fire and knives on a ten-foot unicycle while blindfolded and only using one foot! Other amazing feats of skill and agility are performed by such sprightly groups as the English Gents, Amani Arcobats, the Aerial Angels and many more.

Its not all acrobatics, there are magic acts and jugglers often done in conjunction with a healthy dose of humour. There is even a stage for performances done in sign language for the hard of hearing! There is even a 30-foot sleeping pig in which a show takes place and you have to stick your head in the watch!

If you are convinced that you wanna go to this event then don’t forget to sun lotion and a blanket as much of it takes place outside. Don’t forget to bring all the family as there is face painting and a clay people tent where you can get your hand onto some clay and make whatever you can imagine.

How to get there: Merrion Square Park is located just on the south-eastern edge of the city centre. If travelling on foot from O’Connell Street, you can head south across the river and walk along Westmoreland Street infront of Trinity College. Continue around the college onto Grafton Street and turn left onto Nassau Street. Keep heading straight at the end of this street and you should come across Merrion Square Park on your right hand side.

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