Cultural Tour of Ireland: Castlebar International Four Days’ Walking Festival

Ireland is perhaps most famous for it beautifully scenic countryside and what better way of exploring this wonderful landscape than to get out and walk through it. The Castlebar Walking Festival, being held in early July, is an excellent way of seeing the picturesque scenery that can be found in the west of Ireland.

The Castlebar International Four Days’ Walking Festival is an excellent opportunity to get a good look at some of the scenic beauty that makes Ireland famous throughout the world. These walks are as much about having some fun and making new friends as it is about appreciating nature and the finest fresh air.

This is the 41st annual festival and will be run from the Thursday 3rd of July to Sunday 6th of July. The festival consists of 4 days of walks that range from 10km, 20km, 30km and 40km walks, and a 6-hour ramble. In addition to walking and rambling the festival consists of music, song and dance late into the evenings if you still have any energy left.

All the walks start in the morning at 8.30am and you can then walk at your own pace through the route designated by signposts. The walks tend to take place on low traffic country roads. The rambles start at 9am and the routes are traced over the mountains, hills, bogs and moors of Mayo. The rambles are guided so you will have to keep up with the group but you will also benefit from their knowledge of the surrounding areas.

After you have completed you walk or ramble you will be awarded a certificate are proof of completion and if you complete the 40km walk or the ramble on all four days you get a special medal to recognition of a fine achievement.

How to get there: Castlebar is located about 80kms north of Galway City in the County of Mayo on the western coast of Ireland. To get there from Galway head north on the N84 (Headford Road) for about 45 kms, stay on this road and it should take you all the way to Castlebar. The HQ for the walks situated in the Welcome Inn Hotel which you can find on New Antrim Street. The admission fee is only 40 Euro for over 18s and 15 euro for under 18s.

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Just remember to enjoy your trip to Ireland and if you have any tips or questions of your own, why not post a comment below?