Cultural Italy – Verona Opera Festival

Italy is famous for many things including ancient architecture and operas. The Verona Opera Festival brings these two together, but performing some of the most famous Italian Operas (and a few non-Italian ones) in an Ancient Roman Amphitheatre. The festival takes places throughout July and August and simply can’t be missed if you are in the Verona area.

Verona Opera Festival is an open air festival that takes place in an ancient Roman Amphitheatre, from June 20th to the 31st of August. This, the 86th annual Opera Festival, is the highlight of the city’s calendar and this year sees 6 operas being presented with about 50 performances being held. The history setting is truly breathtaking especially since up to 22,000 spectators can be accommodated by the Ancient Amphitheatre!

The first opera to be performed is Verdi’s Aida, it will be performed 15 times over the course of the festival including the 31st of August. This opera tells the story of Aida, an Ethiopian princess, who is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. Radames, a commander in the Pharaoh’s army falls in love with her and he has to choose between her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh.

The second opera is Puccini’s Tosca, which will be performed 7 times during the festival. This opera is widely considered to be one of the most dramatic operas performed on a regular basis, the story revolves around Tosca, a famed singer, and her lover Cavaradossi who aid Angelotti, an escaped political prisoner, as Napoleon Bonaparte prepares to take the city.

The next opera is another of Verdi’s, Nabucco, his third and the one that established him as a composer for the ages. This opera tells the biblical story of the plight of the Jews as they are assaulted and subsequently exiled from their homeland by the Babylonian King Nabucco.

Another of Verdi’s opera to be played is Rigoletto, a story of a court jester whose Machiavellian plots soon prove to be his undoing. Another opera being performed include Carmen, a French opera by Georges Bizet; the story tells of Don José who falls so far in love with Carmen that he descends into madness. And the last show is a ballet by Adolphe Adam called Giselle.

How to get there: Verona is the city in which Romeo and Juliet is set and it is located between the cities of Venice and Milan. So if you are in one of these cities you can find Verona simply by hitting the A4 and heading west from Venice or east from Milan.

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