Cultural Italy – Eurochocolate 2008

What is life without its little treats? Well if you are going on holiday you are already treating yourself, but why not go a step further and go to the Eurochocolate 2008 fair where you can meet and interact with fellow chocolate lovers for all over Italy and Europe. Just be careful and not overindulge.

Eurochocolate 2008 is an event dedicated to that delicious confectionary that we all love. It will be taking place in Perugia from the 18th of October to the 26th. When you arrive at the fair you will be immediately assailed by the smell of freshly made chocolate and pastries as the whole town has been transformed into an open-air confectionary market. This is no ordinary chocolate like you would find in your local shop, no this is pure butter and cocoa mass and none of those added vegetable oils or added fats.

Through the 9 day period of the festival there will be dozens of events and seminars all concentrating on Chocolate. You can learn how it’s made in cooking classes or simply go to a chocolate banquet and indulge in your favourite sweetie. You can sample all the goodies at all the stalls and you may wait in eager anticipation for the results of the Eurochocolate Awards to see if your favourites win.

How to get there: Perugia is located right in the middle of Italy some 180kms north of Rome. You would start by taking the A1 north until you get to Orte, where you can take a right onto the E45 which should see you all the way to Perugia. In-between your meals of different types of chocolate you might find time to have a look around the town itself which has some really attractive medieval buildings to look at.

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