Cultural Italy – Tuscan Sun Festival 2008

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beautiful provinces renowned for its scenery and artistic heritage especially Florence its capital. During early August there is the Tuscan Sun Festival being held in Cortona and this is the 6th annual fair to be held.

The Tuscan Sun Festival is for anyone who is experiencing one of those dreadful summers where it seems like the sun never returned after the winter. This festival is the perfect remedy for just such a summer and it consists of a number of musical concerts, some visual arts exhibitions, some literary discussions and a few gourmet extravaganzas. The festival runs from August 2nd to August 10th.

The musical line up consists of a number of concerts of various sizes in venues like the Teatro Signorelli and a few others. Some of the names you can expect include the likes of Piotr Anderszewski, Joshua Bell, Andrea Marcon, the Venice Baroque Orchestra, Ana Maria Martinez, Gabrielle Montero, Antonio Pappano, Robert Redford, and many more.

In the art area you can explore the abstract art of Sibylle Szagger; the Shape of Colour, a photographic collection by Jose Cura; or Le Forme del Bello a collection of works from over 20 artists.

As for the literary section you can attend lectures from an international group of prominent writers and poets such as Maurizio Bettelli, Alessandro Carrera and Diego Zancani.

When it comes to food and wine you are sure to be salivating at the prospect of tasting the Tuscan dishes being served up. If you wish to learn how to cook these dishes yourself you can learn in the demonstration called Cooking with Mamma. There will also be some pre-concert meetings called Toasting Tuscany which will feature some meats, cheeses and canapés all accompanied by the best of local wines. And one major event is the 16th century banquet with an authentic 16th century menu; and during thee meal there will be a lecture on the life and times during the Italian Renaissance.

How to get there: This event is being held in Cortona, Tuscany. This town is easily located about two thirds of the way from Rome to Florence. From Rome you would simply head north towards Florence on the A1 motorway; Cortona is about 200kms along this route. From Florence you would head south on the same motorway; but only travelling about 100kms instead.

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