From Copenhagen by Car

Copenhagen – is the capital of Denmark and is located on the eastern shores of the island of Zealand. The city is well known as a city of tolerance and equity especially with its self-governing neighbourhood called Christiania; and it was listed first in the Top 20 Most Liveable Cities, also achieving the Best Design City in the world.

The city’s most famous landmark is probably the Little Mermaid which basks on a rock near the 17th century Star Fort Kastellet. Other major attractions worth visiting within the city include Amalienborg Palace, home of the royal family and not open to the public but you can observe the changing of the watch at noon everyday; the Carlsberg Brewery, probably the best brewery in Europe; and Slotsholmen which is home to a number of museums such as the Christiansborg Palace, The Danish Jewish Museum, The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum and The Black Diamond (main site of the Royal Danish Library) with the Museum of Danish Cartoon Art and the National Museum of Photography.

What’s to see in the Copenhagen Area?
Copenhagen has much to offer the curious tourist, both inside and outside of the city.

Heading out of the city there is plenty to see and do. You might visit Amager which is on the island south of Copenhagen. There you will find the city of Dragor, a city which is lucky enough that many of its buildings have been well preserved from the past.

Located near to the town of Humlebæk, there is the Louisiana Museum for Modern Art. It is home to one of the finest such collections of Modern Art in Europe with an exhibition space exceeding 10,000 m²!

Just a little beyond Humlebæk is Elsinore where you will find Kronborg Castle. This castle is the setting of the Shakespeare classic Hamlet. Hamlet was actually performed in the castle for the first time in 1816 to mark the 200th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Elsinore also boasts one of the biggest town centres in Denmark to retain much of its original houses including the Danish monastery “Sankt Mariæ Kirke og Kloster”.

And there is many others places as well: you could visit Flakfortet, and artificial island on which they build a fort; a trip to Roskilde can be rewarded with a visit to a Viking Ship Museum; Dyrehaven which is a wildlife park that covers 11 km² and adjacent to this is the amusement park Dyrehavsbakken.

You could even visit Sweden by crossing the Oresund Bridge which runs over and under the Oresund Strait. Nearby cities within Sweden include Malmö and Lund, both of which are intriguing cities in their own right. Though it might be an idea to check if you are allowed do this with your Rental agent first.

That’s the end of our quick overview of what you can expect in and round Copenhagen. If you think you will want to get around by car while in Denmark have a look at our Car Hire Denmark page and take a look at our competitive quotes.

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