Petrol Stations Close to London Heathrow Airport

This handy guide helps you locate petrol (gas) stations close to Heathrow Airport. Read on to find out the most convenient places to fill up if you’re returning your car to London Heathrow.

If you are returning your rental to Heathrow Airport there are a number of petrol stations not too far away.

From the East: If you are heading out from the city centre then you’ll probably be coming out along the A4 or the M4. On the approach to the airport along the A4, after turning off the motorway, there are 4 petrol stations, a Shell, a Texaco and 2 BP stations.

The Shell station tends to have the cheapest petrol due to a nearby Tesco which also has cheap petrol but is a little off the A4 road.

If you’re heading for the Central Terminal Area (home to terminals 1, 2 & 3), then you’ll pass another Texaco on the A4 just before you turn off to the left under a tunnel for the airport.

If you’re heading for Terminal 5, you will take the same route, but instead of turning off south through the tunnel to the airport you will continue west long the A4 for a short distance to turn off onto the Northern Perimeter Road.

If you are heading for Terminal 4, then you will need to turn off the A4 but stay on the Great SW Road. You’ll find a BP station along this road.

From the North: If you’re approaching the Airport from along the M25 from the north, then you may find that there aren’t many stations actually on the motorway itself. You will have to turn off into nearby suburbs.

One idea might be to turn off onto the M40 towards the city centre and then after a couple of kilometres turn south onto Oxford Road. This road, continues as Cowley Road-High Street-Falling Lane-Park View Road and then finally Stockley Road which leads directly into Heathrow Airport.

Along this route you’ll pass no less than 5 petrol stations. A BP and an Independent on Oxford Road; an Esso and a Shell on High Street; and a Total just off Park View Road.

From the South: If you’re approaching the Airport along the M25 from the south, again there are no stations along the motorway.

While heading north along the M25, you can turn off onto the A30/Staines Bypass. When you come to the first junction you will need to turn left and north along the Stanwell Moor Road, if you would like to head for Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5. Stay on the A30/London Road for Terminal 4.

While travelling north on the Stanwell Moor Road, you’ll come to a roundabout and need to take the 3rd exit onto the Southern Perimeter Road. You will come to a 2nd roundabout where you can turn left onto the Western Perimeter Road for the Terminals (there is an Esso station just 150 metres beyond the roundabout). That is the last station before Terminal 5, though you will pass a Total and a Shell station on your way to the Central Terminal Area.

If you’re heading for Terminal 4 along the London Road, you will pass a Tesco Station on the shores of the Staines Reservoir. This tends to be the cheapest petrol in the area. Continuing along the road you will pass a BP on a roundabout where you will need to take the first exit for Terminal 4.

From the West: If you’re approaching the Airport from the west coming in on the M4, you will be passing pass Slough which has a decent number of petrol stations to choose from.

This has the added advantage of allowing you to easily access the A4. This will get you on the right track for the Central Terminal Area of the airport and will pass a Total and a Shell as you do so.

If you’re heading for Terminal 4 and 5, you’ll have to turn off onto the Stanwell Moor Road after you pass over the M25 and before you get to either of these stations.

Terminal 5 is located just down the road on your left, so you won’t have passed a petrol station since Slough. For Terminal 4, you continue south and then turn left/east along the Western Perimeter, passing an Esso Station and then you will arrive at Terminal 4.

So if this doesn’t sound like too much trouble you can pick up your car rental from Heathrow. Book car hire Heathrow Airport.

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