From Sydney – How To Get To Other Major Cities

Are you taking a trip to Australia in the coming months? If you’re basing yourself in Sydney you may need to know how to get to other cities from here. Have a look at our guide outlining the driving times & distances involved.

Sydney is a buzzing and cosmopolitan city, with much to do and see. From the warm sands of the sun drenched Bondi Beach to the famous Sydney Harbour, home to one of Australia’s national icons, the Sydney Opera House. It’s the capital of New South Wales province and has the largest population of any city in Australia.

Read on for more information about the travelling distances from Sydney to the other cities in Australia.
Distances from Sydney to other main Australian cities…

Freemantle – Freemantle is in New South Wales, but is still a decent driving distance from Sydney. It’s located some 230km from Sydney city centre, making it around a 3 hour drive away. Along the route you’ll be taking in a portion of the Great Western Highway (69).

Canberra – Canberra is the administrative and political capital of Australia. From Sydney, it’s almost a 4 hour drive, with a total driving distance of 287km. You will be travelling south on Highway 31.

Melbourne - Capital of the Victoria State, total driving distance is 885km from Sydney. It will possibly take over 10 hours to travel this route. You’ll be travelling on Highway 31.

Adelaide – Located in the South Australia state, Adelaide is about 1,375km from Sydney. It could take up to 17 hours driving to get there. You’ll be taking the Highway 31 from Sydney, and then the Highway 20 after the town of Hay. From there, the B400 and the B12 routes will take you to Adelaide.

Perth – Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and is located a whopping 4,000km from Sydney. Obviously your best bet is to break up this journey into several days – total driving is over 2 days in total! You will be taking the Sturt Highway (Not to be confused with the Stuart Highway) and the Eyre Highway to get to Perth.

Darwin - Capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is located over 3,900 km away from New South Wales! Again, best to split this journey over your holiday, and enjoy the many sights on route as you travel north. Total driving time is probably 2 days in total.

Brisbane – The Capital City of Queensland, Brisbane is located almost 950km from Sydney, with a driving time of over 12 hours. You will be travelling in the main on the Great Pacific Highway along the coast from Sydney so it’s a wonderfully scenic drive!

Cairns – Cairns is located in Queensland, and is located over 2,400km from Sydney. It will take possibly a day and a half to get there by car. You’ll take the New England Highway, the Dawson Highway, the Gregory Highway and finally the Bruce Highway to reach Cairns.

Remember to drive safely, rest overnight and break up your journey and watch the speed limits!

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