How to Get to the Sunbury Wine Region from Melbourne

To get to the Sunbury Wine Region from Melbourne, you barely have to leave the city, it’s that close! It’s one of the oldest wine regions in Victoria, and is only about a 10-minute drive north of Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), along the C743 or M79 routes.

The Sunbury Region is just over 40km from Melbourne city centre. It’s unique in that it produces different types of wine than the other areas of the Victoria state. The soil is dark, volcanic and somewhat poorer than other areas, but still produces fine wines that facilitates healthy wine production in the family owned vineyards and wineries of the region.

Sunbury is also considered as one of the suburban areas of Melbourne, with many city commuters residing there. The next question is how do you get here from Melbourne!

From the city centre it’s about a 45 minute drive.

Directions from Central Melbourne:

Veer west on Leopold Street to get to St Kilda Street. Take a right at Queens Road and a left at Kings Way. Continue onto the West Gate Freeway.

You will need to get onto the City link Exit and then get onto the Tullamarine Freeway (M2) for a total of about 25km.

After this, you need to get onto the Calder Highway (M79) and continue on this route until just after Diggers Rest. Then you follow the signs for Vineyard Road (C706) and continue on this route until you reach the Sunbury Area.

Alternatively, you can get to the Sunbury Wine Region from Tullamarine Airport along the M2 and then take the C743 to Sunbury. The best way to discover the wonderful Sunbury area is to hire a car from Melbourne and explore the region at your own pace!

To find out which wineries to check out as well as other places of interest in the region, check out our article: Top Wineries and Places to Visit in Sunbury Region.

As always if you’re planning on hiring a car it’s best to do so before you travel. For the best deals check out our car hire Melbourne page. 

Have you been to the Sunbury Wine Region? We’d love to hear from you if you have any touring ideas.