10 Tips For Driving In Melbourne

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria and is considered one of the easiest cities to get about. Before you pick up your car rental check out our 10 tips for driving in Melbourne to get you through the city’s busy traffic.

10 tips for driving in Melbourne (in no particular order!)

1. Please be aware that the speed limit in Melbourne city is 50km per hour unless signposted otherwise. This applies to suburban areas. In Victoria, the speed limit on the motorways outside the city rises to 100 km/hr and, and in some sections of freeway, 110 km/hr.

2. Please ensure that you drive on the left hand side of the road in Australia.

3. Have your driving licence with you at all times.

4. Wear your seatbelt always when you are in the car. Compulsory wearing of a seatbelt has been law since 1962 in Australia and this applies to front and rear passengers. Child safety restraints and chairs are also essential.

5. The message in Melbourne is don’t drink and drive. Police operate random and regular breath testing checks and the blood alcohol level is 0.05, or 50 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood. So abstain from alcohol if driving is the best policy. Don’t ruin your holiday by getting prosecuted!

6. Observe with due care the “Give Way” signs that buses display – they always have right of way when they signal that they are coming out from a stop.

7. When you’re based in Melbourne you’ll see plenty of trams in the Central Business District – actually Melbourne has the highest amount of trams of any city in Australia. Be careful as the tramlines use the road along with cars. Trams always have the right of way so bear this in mind. Make sure that you don’t pass a tram if it reaches a tram spot – stop behind the tram. The right of way belongs to passengers who traverse the traffic lanes from the footpath to the tram i.e. passengers getting on and off the tram when it is stationary!

8. Be aware of the “Hook Turn” in the Central Business District. This is a rule for turning right in Melbourne. It was enforced to make sure that trams have a clear path past intersections, and this will be clearly identified by an overhead sign at the intersection indicating the hook turn. Basically a hook turn is when you travel forward in the left hand lane and wait on the far left hand part of the road. When the traffic lights turn orange, and the way on the right hand side is clear of any oncoming traffic, you then take a wide turn to the right. Take care here.

9. Make sure that you don’t hold up a tram on its route – cars are required to keep out of the way of trams so bear this in mind. Don’t overtake a stopped tram. Treat buses travelling in tram lanes as if they are trams. Give way to a tram when it is moving into or crossing a roundabout.

10. Parking – There are many parking meters in Melbourne and parking lots, but in busy peak traffic times (weekdays), finding a parking space is always a chore! The majority of streets in the central business district have plenty of meters that are operated by coin – but don’t let the meter expire or you’ll be fined! $5 an hour seems to be the going rate, or $10-20 daily, but if you shop around you may get a discounted rate!

Check out the rules of the road in Victoria.

Drive safely in Melbourne!

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