How to Save Money When Hiring a Car in Melbourne

Planning a visit to Melbourne in 2009? When hiring a car here it’s important to know that you’re just paying for the car and not any additional hidden extras. Our guide lists all the top tips on how to save money.

The most important thing to remember when you’re hiring your car is to shop around and get the best deal available. Check out the following:

• Is there third party fire, car damage and theft cover?
• Are there any hidden taxes at the airport when you hire the car?
• Do you get unlimited mileage when hiring your car?
• What about if your car breaks down. Is there roadside assistance per day and for what length of time?
• What about insurance? It’s fair to say that most car rental operators include insurance, but you can get additional insurance at an extra cost. So be aware of this when checking your hired car’s insurance.

Is your drop off location the same as where you picked the car up? Remember that if your drop off location is different to the pick up location, you’ll probably be charged an additional one-way charge. This is due to the cost of transferring the car back to the original point of hire.

Also make sure you return your car at the agreed time. With many companies if you’re late you might have to pay an additional day’s car rental.

Try and travel at off peak times. In a high demand period, car hire costs will be much higher obviously, so try and be flexible with your car hire period and you will save more money! Plan in advance of your rental and the tours you will take, and take note of festival dates and public holidays in the Melbourne area.

Check out the opening and closing times of your car hire pick off and drop off location, if you are collecting the car outside of normal working hours you will probably be charged extra – important to be aware of this.

Remember that the type and size of the car that you are renting determines the car hire rental cost – so bear this in mind! A smaller car is cheaper, but ensure that you have enough room for your baggage.

In Australia, the minimum age of a driver for a car rental is 21 years of age. Check out to see is there an additional underage driver fee.

Provision of car roof racks, satellite navigation systems and child car seats will all incur an extra fee.

Shop around different garages to get the cheapest petrol on your journey to save more money as you travel the Melbourne area! Also make sure to study in depth your car rental contract’s terms and conditions.

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Been to Melbourne? If you have any money saving tips when hiring a car please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.