What You Need To Know About Parking at London’s Airports – Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, London and Heathrow

You planning to fly to or from one of London’s airports this year? Check out our guide to parking at London’s airports and get the lowdown on car park locations, how the pricing system operates, how to pre-book your space and a whole raft of information that’ll make parking as stress-free as possible.

Firstly, it’s so important to pre-book your parking spot well in advance of your arrival at any of London’s Airports. Not only can you book your parking spot on the official Airport website, but there are many companies online that offer the facility to book a car space, and proper planning is well advised. Some of the most popular companies that offer this service are Parking4Less and London Airport Parking.

Using such a service removes the stress of waiting at a pay machine as you leave the Airport Car Park. These services operate from the off site car parks of London’s Airports, and usually the service offers you a transfer to the airport once you book your car in.

As well as saving hassle you’ll save money by pre-booking, rather than just turning up a few hours before your scheduled flight, and saving money on parking means more money to spend on your holiday!

You’ll need to know about how the day rates for parking are calculated at London’s Airports. For example, one week is usually calculated at 8 days, and 2 weeks as 15 days! This is because one day is regarded as a whole or part of a day. A Saturday-to-Saturday parking stay thus is totalled as 8 days. Two weeks would be 15 days all inclusive.

Make sure you know about minimum stay parking options when parking at London’s Airports as well. Most car parks at the airports offer facilities for the disabled.

Obviously the safety of your vehicle is a major worry when left parked for the duration of your holiday. Many of the car parking companies servicing London Airports have been accredited with the “Secure Parking Award” from the London Police Force.

Parking at any of the airports is divided into “On” and “Off” site parking. On site parking refers to car park spaces that are within the boundaries of the Airport grounds, and are usually run by the Authorities of the Airport. The off airport car parks are usually privately run and can be cheaper, so use your right as a consumer to shop around!

Gatwick Airport  – The following are the main car parks at Gatwick Airport, chiefly: APH Parking, Maple Manor, Courtlands, Gatwick BCP, Holiday parking, Gatwick Summer Special, Parking Express South, Gatwick Valet Parking and NCP Flightpath. All car parks service either the North or South Terminals, and sometimes both.

Heathrow Airport – The following are the main car parks at Heathrow that service the terminals. Park 4 Less, which serves T1, 2 and 3. Q-Park Flyaway, which services all terminals. Parking Express, which serves Terminals 1-4, Purple Parking which serves all terminals, Pink Elephant, which services Terminals 1-3, Park & Fly which services Terminal 4. You could also avail of CPS Personal Parking which offers its own valet parking service, or you could also try the Heathrow Economy Parking Service. Remember to book well in advance!

Luton Airport – There are several parking options here. You could utilise Luton Airparks Services, the Short or Long Term Airport services or the Mid Term car park service. All service the main terminal at Luton.

Stansted Airport – You could avail of the Pink Elephant parking, which is within the perimeter of the airport. E-Parking offers you the mid stay option. You could also use the Valet Parking option, whereby you leave your car at the terminal, when met by a car parking employee it is picked up, taken to a secure compound, and then returned to the terminal on your return. You could also use the Stansted BCP Off Airport, or use Stansted Gateway Parking.

London City Airport Parking – Parking at London City Airport is divided into long term and short term stays. Parking is quite convenient to the terminal but the growth in popularity of this airport in recent times means you may need to get there earlier to find a good parking place!

So there you have it – a guide of what you need to know about parking at the airports in London. If you’re arriving in any of the London Airports and want to hire a car to take a trip of the area, check out our car hire London page.

If you have any parking tips for any of the Londom Airports drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!