Car Parking in Edinburgh

If you’re hiring a car in Edinburgh and plan to experience its stellar attractions, shopping, culture, or nightlife, you’ll need somewhere to park. We’ve put together a list of parking options to save you time and hassle when you get to Edinburgh. Read on for more…

On-Street Parking in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a medieval city, so the streets are quite narrow. Add to this the fact that there’s a new tram line being built through the city and the result is limited on-street parking.

The streets in the city centre where you can legally park are so limited that they’re usually full. Streets you should try include Abercromby Place, Heriot Row, Georges Street, Charlotte Square, Saint Andrews Square, Melville Street, Johnston Terrace and King’s Stable Road.

Do not double park or park in bus lanes, on yellow or red lines, on footpaths, in a resident’s pay-and-display bay, or across pedestrian crossings and driveways. The fines for violating these rules can be in excess of £100, though usually it is about £60.

Off-street parking in Edinburgh City

If you can’t find a legal space on the street, then your next port of call is one of the multi-storey car parks in the city centre.

To the north-east of Princes Street: 

St. James on Elder Street, open 24 hours, 254 spaces; St. James on Leith Street, open 24 hours, 280 spaces; and Greenside Place off Leith Street, open 24 hours, 1,030 spaces.

To the east of Princes Street:

Carlton Street, open Mon-Fri (7.30am to 7.30pm) and Sat (10pm to 5pm), 40 spaces; Waverley behind Waverley Station, closes at midnight, 350 spaces; Niddry Street, closes at 11pm, 135 spaces; and Saint John’s Hill, open Mon-Fri (closes at 9pm), Sat & Sun (closes at 7pm), 295 spaces.

To the south-west of Princes Street:

Castle Terrace, open 24 hours, 750 spaces; Sheraton off Lothian Road, open 24 hours, 120 spaces; Princes Exchange, Mon-Sat (closes at 10pm), Sun (closes at 8pm), 175 spaces; Semple Street off Morrison Street, Mon-Sat (closes at 10pm), Sun (closes at 8pm), 198 spaces; The Exchange on Morrison Street, Mon-Fri (closes at 9pm), Sat (closes at 8pm), 80 spaces; and Morrison Street, Mon-Fri (closes at 9pm), Sat (closes at 8pm), 450 spaces.

Park-and-Ride facilities around Edinburgh City

Edinburgh is surrounded by a number of excellent Park and Ride (PnR) systems.

If you’re heading out of Edinburgh Airport, the nearest PnR to you is the Ingliston Park and Ride. It is only about 1km from the airport, just off the A8/Airport junction. It’s served by the 35 bus, which stops at Edinburgh Park, Sighthill, and Chesser,  and heads to Ocean Terminal via Edinburgh’s Old Town. There’s also an express bus called the X48, which heads directly for the city centre every 10 minutes.

If you travelling back to Edinburgh via the M8, the Hermiston Park and Ride is conveniently located on the A71 (just west of the A720 City Bypass Junction). Parking is free and a number of bus routes pass through here, including the No. 25, which runs to the city centre every 10 minutes (30 minutes in the evening and Sundays). Overnight, there’s an hourly N25 service. The No. 34 takes a circuitous route to the city centre, passing through Fountainbridge and Tollcross.

The Straiton Park and Ride is located to the south of the city. It’s situated just off the A701, south of its junction with the A720 City Bypass to Penicuik. It has 600 spaces, as well as a terminal building in which you can wait for your bus or make enquires. Parking is free. The bus routes that pass through here include the 47, X47, and 67.

The Sheriffhall Park and Ride is located to the south-east of the city, on the A7 just north of the City By-pass/Sheriffhall junction near Danderhall. On weekdays, there are several hourly buses to the city centre. These include the X48, which passes Edinburgh Zoo.

The Newcraighall Park and Ride is situated to the east of the city, just off the A1 and accessed via Newcraighall Road. This uses a rail link that takes only about 11 minutes to reach the city centre.

If you’re coming from Fife, you could use the Ferrytoll Park and Ride. This station is connected to Edinburgh city centre, Edinburgh Park, Heriot-Watt, the Royal Infirmary, Livingston, and Ocean Terminal.

If you do decide to hire a car, take a look at our car hire Edinburgh page and take your pick.

So that’s how to park in the city. If you have any other questions or would like to provide tips of your own, then we’d be more than hear from you. Please leave your message in the comment box below.