Customer Corner: Hassle-free in Barcelona and Unexpected Upgrades!

We thought it’d be useful if we shared with you a few snapshots of how Nova customers actually find the whole experience of renting a car with us.

This week, we heard from Dan and John who rented in Barcelona and Chris Dickson told us how a potentially tricky driving license issue resulted in an upgrade.

On 18th February, Chris Dickson sent us the following email relating to his rental:


I have got two comments about the car hire.

First, the additional driver forgot to bring his driving license with him.  Despite this the booking clerk went to a lot of trouble to check with the DVLA that he did have a valid licence – and this enabled him to be accepted as a driver.

Secondly, the car was upgraded to a larger size – which gave appreciably more room for the four adults and a baby who were using it.

I was most grateful for both of the above, which added considerably to the enjoyment of our short break.

Kind Regards
Chris Dickson


Thanks for the feedback Chris, we’re glad that everything was sorted out in the end – it is great to know that the staff at the car rental desk were so helpful and we’re delighted the upgrade helped make your break even more enjoyable.

And then fresh back from Barcelona, Dan and John dropped us a line this morning (20th February) to tell us of their Nova experience:



you can ad these comments to your “what people say” page:

we just returned from a week-long trip in barcelona. we decided to rent a car for 2 days so that we could visit some of the out-of-the-way architectural amenities the country had to offer.

friends of ours with a very critical eye toward “good value for money” when traveling suggested nova as the best way to rent a car in europe.

the online registration was effortless and when we arrived at the pre-selected location to pick up the car, we found a very friendly staff who helped us through with paperwork which proved quite less complicated than my previous rental experiences here and abroad.

 there were also no last minute hidden extra charges. though the car was not the make i had selected (no citroens were available), we ended up with a nice low mileage fiat and had a great time.

the overall experience was great – very good pricing, minimum hassle on paperwork and friendly and flexible staff.

will go nova from now on and most highly recommend them.

thanks again,

dan and john

Wonderful to hear that the pick-up paperwork was a breeze with your Nova booking and nice to know it was less hassle than when hiring from other companies. Also, nice to see that your friends referred to Nova as being “good value for money” and we’re really pleased that you found the online booking experience “effortless”. 

Worth noting that Dan and John saw car hire as the best option for getting to parts of the country that suited them so they weren’t tied to public transport or excursion tours. Then again, that’s the beauty of hiring a car in general, total independence.

Have you any opinions on Nova’s service be it the online booking or the actual rental itself? Like Dan and John, do you think we offer “good value for money”? Give us a shout in the comment box below.