Driving in London – How to Find Car Parks

Parking your car can be particularly stressful in a densely populated area, especially in a city the size of London! You may have planned your route  to get from one attraction to another, remember that parking your car has also to be planned for too!

Proper forward planning as to where you will park your car is essential; so as to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic jams! Check out our guide regarding How to Find Car Parks in London…

It’s fairly obvious that you should plan well in advance for your trip to London – both in relation to both visiting the wonderful attractions and where to park your vehicle. The 2003 introduction of the Congestion Charge which means that you are charged around £10 to drive in the central London area, so it is most prudent to find a place where you can park your vehicle as close to the attraction as you possibly can, and then have the shortest walk to your preferred destination.

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, and parking there can be extremely expensive and stressful. Remember that there are restrictions in place in relation to parking in London City Centre from 8.30 to 18.30 Monday to Friday, and 8.30 to 13.30 on Saturdays.

Note that meters and car parks can be expensive and you may not always find somewhere to park! So again, it is essential to plan in advance for your trip to the UK Capital where you are going to park. And also knowing where the nearest car parks to your place of visit are.

We have sourced some websites that can assist you in planning your vehicle parking in London. The following are some of the useful contacts for helping you find Car Parks in London:

NCP (National Car Parks) – you can book your car park space online safe in the knowledge that your car parking space is ready and waiting for you. Gives a good background of each car park, and the cost of same. Offers a great mapping service too.

Master Parks London  – here you can book your car park space in the City of Westminster Area. The Car Park Finder service on the website enables you to book your own car parking space well  in advance, and you will be reassured of your rented vehicle’s security.

Park Up.com – This car park finding facility allows you to securely book your car park anywhere in the London area. Their database covers the London areas of Camden, Westminster, Chelsea, Kensington, the whole city centre area, the Royal Parks and the Islington area of North London. It also encompasses other areas such as Hackney and Lambeth that may be in the congestion charge zone of London. It also covers airport parking in London too.

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Do you have any information about Parking in London – and where to find safe and secure car parking facilities? Please let us know – your comments are most appreciated!