A Guide to Activities in Sydney

Being the most populated city in Australia, and the state capital of New South Wales, there is plenty to see and do in Sydney. Several sandy beaches are waiting to be explored, and the must see attractions include the world famous Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and the wonderful Sydney Aquarium at the Darling harbour.

Sydney is known as the “Harbour City” and has plenty of exciting activities for you to enjoy! Read on for more…

Take a Walking Tour of Sydney
What could be better than taking a walking tour of the city and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city? If you take Circular Quay as a starting point, enjoy a trip to the historical heritage area called the Rocks District. Here you will learn all about the historical past of the country, and you can savour the atmosphere along the main streets and squares of this area. In this area you can also visit the Sydney Opera House, cross over to the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and venture onto Darling Harbour.

Visit the Sydney Tower
Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in the city, and a visit here will give you a wonderfully elevated view of the city, including the Harbour and the Opera House. Since its official unveiling in 1981 the Sydney Tower has become one of the most important attractions in the city, and affords great views along with great tourist facilities. The Tower is a marvellous structure that has restaurants at two levels and one that rotates itself! The platform where you observe the city skyline is truly spectacular. Find out more about the Sydney Tower.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
The famous bridge connects the city with Northern Sydney. Opened since 1932, the bridge is famous icon of the city.  At the highest point, the Bridge stands 134 meters above sea level at its highest point. Since 1998 there is a famous “Bridge Climb” here, whereby you can experience a wonderful climb to the summit of the world renowned bridge. You can select between two different climbs – the Bridge Climb or the Discovery Climb.

Once you’ve reached the top you’re assured of great views over Sydney, the Harbour and you can check out the amazing construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Find out more about the Sydney Bridge Climb.

Enjoy a Cruise at Sydney Harbour
Why not relax and unwind by taking a cruise on Sydney Harbour? You could take a sightseeing cruise, enjoy a dinner cruise or an elegant dance cruise. By taking a cruise, you will enjoy the wonderful scenery of Sydney Harbour. The most popular place to start is at the Circular Quay area, head over to Manly and the marvellous beach there, and then get accustomed to the fabulous coastline scenery of Sydney.

The directions to Circular Quay and its ferries are as follows: take the George Street Road to the north, and take a right at Bridge Street, and take a left at Phillip Street.

Sydney Harbour itself is regarded as being one of the most natural and scenic in the world. It spans a total distance of 240km of shoreline in marvellous surroundings. Along the Harbour you will come across many parks, gardens and and nature attractions. You can also spend some time taking a leisurely stroll along the waterfront.

Find out more about Sydney Harbour.

Take a Trip to the Beach
Whilst in Sydney you are always near to a wonderful sandy beach, and in fact wherever you are in Sydney, you’re never more than 30 minutes drive from a glorious sandy beach.  There are 37 beaches in total in the area. Find out more about Sydney’s Beaches.

Go Underwater at Sydney Aquarium!
Check out Sydney Aquarium, which is on the eastern side of Darling Harbour. It generates over 1 million visitors annualy. Its core attractions is the large collection of Australia’s marine life collected together in one location – there is over 650 different species and a total of over 11,000 fish and other aqualife. Opened in 1988, the Aquarium is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The exhibits and marine displays are majestic.

Sydney Aquarium is located 10 minutes away from the central business district if you walk west on Market Street. Find out more about Sydney Aquarium.

Visit Sydney’s Museums
Sydney is home to plenty of museums that will enthrall the arts lover – you are spoilt for choice with so many to choose from! There is the Contemporary Art Museum, the Sydney Museum, the Powerhouse Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum to name but a few. Find out more about Sydney’s Museums.

Meet the Animals
Take a trip to Taronga Zoo which is just across from the harbour in Circular Quay. To the west of Sydney, you could head to Featherdale Wildlife Park and enjoy Australian Fauna. You could also explore Sydney Wildlife World, which is within walking distance of the Sydney city centre.

Opera House Tour
Sydney Opera House is one of the mosy distiguished and easily recognisable buildings from the 20th century in the world. It plays host not only to the theatre tours, musical shows such as ballet, it is also the home of the Sydney Opera Trust, the Sydney Symphony and Opera Australia.

In total, the Sydney Opera House has 5 performance areas which are: The Concert Hall, , The Drama Theatre, The Opera Theatre, The Studio and The Playhouse.

All of the venues offer first class facilities for visitors, from restaurants to gift shops.

There are so many activities to see and do in Sydney. Read more about Sydney Tourism.
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Have you been to Australia and Sydney? What do you think are the highlights of the city? What other activities do you recommend around the city? Please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.