Collecting Your Rented Car In Melbourne – The Things You Need to Know

You have arrived safely in Melbourne after a long flight from your original destination – all that remains is to pick up that car rental for your dream holiday! We have put together a guide to the important tips to remember and check out before you venture off to explore the tourist delights that await you in the Victoria Region and beyond.

· Please ensure that you have your driver’s licence before you set off on holiday. Ensure that the licence details are valid at the time of rental.

· Acquire possession of a good travel map of the Melbourne area. This will allow you to gain familiarity with the area, the city’s main road networks, and the surrounding regions. Also, a good GPS or Sat-Nav systems will come in very useful – and you certainly should consider these when reserving your vehicle. Plan your route well in advance.

It’s fair to say that there may well be differences with the road rules that you are used to in your own country compared to Melbourne. It is important to be aware of these changes such as:

· Speed Limits in the City. Unless it is shown differently on a signpost, the driving speed limit in the urban areas of Melbourne are generally 50km per hour.

· Are the road markings and signs different to the ones that are in your country of origin?

Before you set off in the rented motor vehicle always try to ensure that there is no current damage that is visible on your mode of transport.  Things to watch out for include:

· Windscreen – Make sure the wipers are working and that there are no scratches or chips on the glass.

· Engine Check – Ensure that there are no oil leaks. Check for sufficient oil and water. Check the brakes, clutch and gears. Check how full the car is fuel wise and what is the car rental policy for returning the car in terms of fuel.

· Body of the vehicle – Things to consider are: Are there any scratches on the motor? Are the tyres roadworthy and not bald or worn? Have the wheels all got four hubcaps or alloys? Does the rented vehicle have a spare tyre? Is there a jack and wheel brace in the event of a flat? Do the lights and indicator work perfectly?

· Take the vehicle for a test drive if possible.  Here you will get a proper feel for the vehicle.

· Check your copy of the car rental agreement for any additional extras that you may have ordered such as roof racks, GPS systems, tow bars, and child seats.

· If the car breaks down, can you get a replacement swiftly?

· How will you be refunded if you have to pay the repair costs, or have the car towed?

Road safety is always important wherever you are travelling and even more so in a foreign country. Adhere to all road safety procedures in Melbourne. Always wear your seatbelt and never ever drink and drive. After a long flight, make sure to rest if you are tired, especially before embarking on a long drive. Read more about the Rules of the Road in Australia.

Always ensure that the vehicle rental company that you have booked the car with has a breakdown policy service. If your car breaks down ensure that you know exactly who to contact. 

After checking all these factors out, you are now prime for exploring the area! For the best deals in car hire, check out our Car Rental Melbourne page.

If you have any Melbourne travel information or further car hire tips you would like to inform your fellow readers about, please let us know. Enjoy your Melbourne holiday and Drive Safely!