Why Its Best To Book Your Car Rental Portugal Well In Advance

Its obvious in these times of economic difficulty that a holiday abroad is a luxury good that many simply cannot afford – however if you are one of the lucky people that can venture abroad in 2010 we recommend that you book your car rental in advance of your holiday – similar to your flights and holiday accommodation! A car rental is always recommended when holidaying abroad as it offers total freedom and flexibility and a non-reliance on public transport! The last thing you want in an airport terminal is to hang around a car hire customer service desk trying to reserve the car that you want, when it could easily be secured online.

Here are the reasons why we feel that it is better to reserve your Car Rental Portugal well in advance…

· You will get the very best deal by booking in advance. This ensures that you are paying totally for the car alone and not spending on any taxes or hidden extras at the airport.

· Booking a car well in advance will give you more time for your holiday in the long run. This is because all you will need to do is show your booking form and necessary documents to the customer service person at the car hire booking desk – and once everything is in order away you go! Otherwise you could be waiting around and trying to keep the family entertained after a long flight – which is not easy!

· If you book well in advance you can plan your holiday travel car journeys better. You can decide in advance each day as to where you want to go, thus getting the maximum our of your vacation time wise.

· You will save more money. Yes you will – by booking in advance and by shopping around to get the best value for money car rental. Try to book a vacation at off peak times if possible and avoid the crowds and rising costs! When demand is high, so will car hire prices, so wise up and ensure money savings in these recessionary times.

· Know Your Market. Booking the car before you arrive will enable you to get the best fit to your car hire requirements. You will be able to factor in requirements such as Unlimited Mileage, roadside cover if the car encounters an engine problem of some sort, insurance cover for additional drivers, and sneaky hidden taxes that could be added on when you hire the car!

· Research and Plan. Booking you car in advance of your vacation will enable you to book all aspects of your car hire securely – such as the provision of roof racks, GPS sat nav systems and extra child seats.

Ultimately by booking your car before you arrive you avoid the stress of arranging car hire on arrival, so  reserve your car online and collect it when you arrive at the Airport through your car rental provider. It’s as easy as that!

You will explore the wonders of Portugal much more freely by hiring a car. You travel at your very own speed and because of this you will have complete independence and be flexible. For the best deals available in car rental, check out our Car Rental Portugal page.

Have you ever rented a car in Portugal for your holiday? Do you think that it is more wiser to have the car hire booked before arriving at your destination? If you have Portugal car hire or tips for driving in Portugal that your fellow blog readers should know please post your comments. Thank You.