The Top Holiday Resorts Of Italy

Why holiday in Italy? Well, the reasons are numerous. If it is sun and sand at a luxurious, secluded and sun soaked coastal location that you are looking for, then look no further. Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and with a long and distinctly varied coastline, Italy is home to many magnificent resorts where you can enjoy your Italian adventure. So, read on for more about the top resorts you should consider taking in while in Italy…

Amalfi Coast
La Costiera Amalfitana is positioned just south of Naples in Campania. The mountain dominated Amalfi Coastline is truly a paradise for holidaymakers, with plenty to do and plenty of beaches. At one time it was one of the main fishing areas in Italy, and this is seen in the wonderful fishing villages that dot the landscape and hug the cliff-dominated coastline. The area affords the visitor everything a tourist is accustomed to, and more.

The main town of the region is Amalfi, and while expensive, if you shop around you will get good value. Ceramic shops are well worth checking out in this town. It is a good base for exploring the region. The other tourist places that dot the region are Ravello and Positano. Ravello is renowned for the delightful gardens that are located in the mountains overlooking the sea, and Positano to the west coast is a well-established resort for the rich and famous!

For a real thrill on a driving tour of the Amalfi Coastline, take the coastal road, which is well known for its hairpin bends on the road! All of the towns in the region are built at angles of various degrees of steepness, and it’s a pleasure to see the blue sea so directly below.

The old fishing village of Portofino is one of the most exclusive resorts in Italy. Located in Liguria, which is on the famous Italian Riviera, the establishments of the village are all located in the old harbour. If you are looking for a beach, you won’t find any in Portofino – check out nearby Paraggi for a sandy beach. Portofino has developed into a popular stop off for the yacht set, with expensive designer boutique shops, and tourist shops side by side.

The village is a good place to take a stroll around. Take the Via Roma route that will take you from the harbour, and it is the busiest street. If you want to relax after a stroll, check out the Piazzetta by the harbour, which has cafés and plenty of restaurants. It is a nice place to relax and watch the yachts drift in and out of the harbour way. Around the harbour, the Church of St. George is a place to check out for some wonderful holiday photos. Also worth a visit is Castello Brown, which belonged to the former British Consul here, who once lived in the charming property. Heading out to the headland you can see the local lighthouse for the harbour.

Cinque Terre
The Cinque Terre is a collection of five old world fishermen homesteads which are precariously located villages on cliff tops in Liguria. These are at the top left on Italy’s bootshape. The coastline is a National Park and is a protected marine location that has UNESCO World Heritage Status. The traditional industry of the region is farming, and this fell into decline, but this has seen a massive improvement in recent years with sustainable tourism to the fore. Agricultural schemes such as hillside terrace farming and irrigation has improved the lot of farmers here.

The following are the villages of Cinque Terre:

Corniglia – This is the only village to be located above sea level. It is shaped like a pinecone with narrow alley streets. The farming terraces are perched right above the sea.

Riomaggiore – A pretty village with tall houses with plenty of tourist activities.

Monterosso Al Mare – A well-known seaside resort, with plenty of beaches.

Manarola – A peaceful yet modern tourist village that offers a great rocky cove for swimmers, plus a nature park that is great for relaxing.

Vernazza – A charming fishing port with small houses around the harbour, and the presence of a tower called the Castello Doria. The piazza by the harbour is filled with excellent eateries and bars in a relaxed atmosphere.

Taormina, Sicily
Located on the island of Sicily, Taormina is located right next to Mount Etna, the volcano that is still regarded as active. One of the most popular destinations in Italy, it is a resort with wonderful views and an astounding Greco-Roman theatre, called the Teatro Greco, which is perched at a height above the sea, and facing Etna.

There are other archaeological sights that can be seen around Taormina. The main one is obviously the Greek Theatre, which was designed by the Romans. The Greeks began its construction in the 3rd Century BC, whereas the Romans gave it the present day feel in the 1st Century AD for gladiatorial shows.

Quite near the Teatro Greco are the ruins of a smaller theatre. Corso Umberto is the main shopping thoroughfare in Taormina. The views from the town are simply majestic on a clear day – check out the Piazza IX Aprile Terraces on Corso Umberto. Other places to check out are the Trevelyan Gardens  – with walkways lined with benches and wonderful foliage. The Museo Archeologico is located in the 14th century Badia Vecchia Tower, with Roman, Greek and Byzantine artetacts.

While in Taormina you will be looking at the warm, crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and in particular the wonderful Bay of Isola Bella. This island is a terrific nature reserve. It is possible to access this island on foot in low tides, or by taking a cable car.

Monte Argentario, Tuscany
This is a large hilly area in beautiful Tuscany, in the Grossetto Province. The area is home to a nature reserve and some fabulous beaches. At one time, this area was an island, but over the ages it was joined to the mainland by three sand bars, which are now shrouded in woodland and kept apart by lagoons.

Two areas you should check out in this region include Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. These are harbour locations and good base to discover the entire region or just a peaceful and relaxing break.

These are just some of the wonderful resorts you can visit in Italy – hope you enjoyed our guide to them! Thinking of taking a holiday to explore the very best that Italy has to offer? For the very best deals in vehicle hire options, just check out our Car Hire Italy page.

Have you been on vacation to Italy and what did you think of the holiday resort(s) that you visited? If you have any Italy Tourist information please let us know – your fellow readers will welcome your comments!