Tips When Touring the Australian Countryside

It’s always important when you are driving in a country on different roads to what you are used to, to be aware of the driving conditions you will be facing. As you leave the urban areas and the main highways of Australia in order to reach those magnificent tourist destinations and attractions may be well off the beaten track, please note that driving in Australia is another experience when touring the countryside of Australia compared to the cities! Read on for more…

· Always have a good idea where you are going. Make sure to study your map beforehand, and get good directions, and figure out what villages and towns are in all of the directions from you. If your vehicle rental has Sat-Nav and a GPS system, know the latitudes and longitudes of the areas that you are travelling to.

· Make sure that your hired vehicle is in an excellent roadworthy condition. The last thing you want is to break down in the middle of nowhere, miles from assistance! Before you head out on your Australia expedition route, check your engine for oil and water, and make sure your tyres are in excellent condition.

· If you do happen to have an unfortunate accident or breakdown, and you have access to a phone, then dial 000. Probably best to wait in the direction of your vehicle in case you get lost – for this reason don’t venture too far away from where your vehicle is.

· Gas/petrol stations are quite scarce in these deserted route areas, so make sure you know where the nearest ones are on your route. The last thing you want is to finish up with an empty tank! Such stations could well be over 100km apart from each other, so make sure to be well topped up with fuel.
· Whilst driving on your route, keep as close to the edge of the road as possible and especially when you come across large haulage lorries and trucks.

· Try driving during the daytime if at all possible – only drive at night if absolutely necessary. Livestock. wild birds, wombats and kangaroos are well known for their nocturnal habits, and the last thing you want is to come across some of them at night on a rural road as your lights dazzle them and you crash into them.

· If you are staying in bed and breakfast or guesthouse accommodation along your route, then maybe the best thing to do is ring them in advance and make your booking, and give them the estimated time of your arrival. At least then you will have some place to stay and know in advance as to where you are going.

· Ensure to bring plenty of snacks with you on board – like petrol stations there is probably a huge distance gap between road cafés!

· Remember to take regular breaks between journeys. It is well noted that tiredness for drivers is one of the main causes of accidents, resulting in a lack of judgement. So please take due care.

· Proper planning is the order of the day when touring the beautiful rural areas of Australia. So be proactive, not reactive, and research your route before you set off for exploration.

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Have you rented a car and drove around Australia in the past? Do you have any route planning and safety advice that you could kindly share with your fellow readers? Please share your tips regarding driving in beautiful Australia in the below comments box.