Travelling with your Baby Through Dublin Airport

All parents know that travelling with baby can be a chore at the best of times. Baby Travel Shop and the Dublin Airport Authority  have come up with a novel way to help mums make this experience less daunting…by posting an informational  video on Youtube on what is allowed for baby when boarding the airplane.

You have all your luggage, baby’s pram, passports, presents. You need to drop off your car hire in Dublin  somewhere. You ask yourself..well where is the drop off location again?

Never mind.. it clearly states on your booking confirmation slip that you can drop it off at Dublin Airport….another load off your mind. The thought of check-in soon takes over. Security restrictions, hassles, long queues and what about the baby’s pram, food formulas and everything else besides?

Well to  make this experience less stressful, Aisling O’Donoghue, Baby Travel Shop founder, appears in a Youtube video outlining what you can and cannot take on board for baby when travelling through Dublin Airport.

Following a flood of enquiries from first time parents with a variety of questions from bringing prams on board to what food is allowed through, Aisling decided to contact the DAA. The video outlines some procedures to note when travelling with baby such as verifying the content of baby’s bottle at check-in by tasting it. Also included are options for transporting the baby’s buggy, baby changing facilities at the airport and information on the location of pharmacies.

In the video, airport security personnel urge parents to help kids pack their own bags and to make sure that no imitation firearms or water pistols are contained in their bags. Kids should also be made aware that dolls and teddy bars will be subject to security screening and shall be returned once cleared.

The video can be seen on