Hassle Free South Africa Car Hire: Book Well In Advance

None of us wants to experience hassle on holidays, whether it is waiting at the luggage carousel in a queue to collect our baggage, or trying to reserve car hire at a rental desk at the airport terminal. We all want to get the maximum out of our trip abroad, and hanging around wasting time is not part of the travel plan! So if you are heading to South Africa in the coming months, this article will be of great use to you – save time and money by securing your car hire without any hassle!

· Get the best deals out there with car rental providers by securing your vehicle well in advance of your holiday, and make sure to shop around online! This way you will be paying for just your car – and no hidden extras that you could be caught for at the airport!

· Find out what is not and what is included in the car rental price. It may be obvious, but remember that some rental firms will charge you more if you are returning the car to another drop off point, or charge you extra with regard to your age.

· Always, always, always read the terms and conditions of your car rental South Africa agreement! Print out a copy, keep it and study it.

· You’ll be getting the most out of your holiday time by booking well in advance. Because you see, you will be planning your routes well in advance once you have secured that valuable transport rental, and you will be deciding well in advance as to where you will be going and what you will be seeing!

· You will be avoiding the hassle of a long wait at a car rental desk if you book your rental well in advance of your holiday. All you need to do is show the necessary documentation to your car rental provider! Once everything is in order (in a few short moments) – you will be ready to motor!

· Save time and less hassle trying to keep any children entertained for long periods by securing your vehicle well in advance. We are all tired after a long arduous flight, and children even more so! The last thing you want is cranky children distressed and you too, and waiting to process forms at a check in desk. South Africa is a long haul destination from the UK – so don’t lose out on valuable holiday time through long queues.

· By shopping around you will be not only getting the best value, but booking in advance gives you a chance to properly research the car market rates for South Africa.

· Check the car for any scratches or bumps before you leave the place of rental! In addition the car bodywork, check out the tyres, lights and the windscreen in particular for any chips or dents.

· Check the fuel gauge and confirm the level with the rental provider – if the car is full with fuel when you receive it – do make sure it is returned this way!

· By booking well in advance you will know exactly what you want for your car hire. Whether it is ski racks, surfboard racks, GPS, baby/booster seats, unlimited mileage and roadside cover you will have it all arranged well in advance!

· Always ensure that you are covered – when you are taking out loss/damage cover, be careful to check out if things like windscreen, window, roof and undercarriage damage are covered in this contract.

· When returning the hired vehicle to the rental provider, give adequate time to arrive at the rental return location, especially if it is an airport. If at all possible, try and return the vehicle during the opening hours so that the vehicle checks can be done with somebody from the car rental company.

· Make sure you familiarize yourself with the driving regulations of South Africa before you hit the open road.

· Be sure to pay any fines you may unfortunately incur, or any toll road charges during your stay. If they are left outstanding the rental company will hit you with not only the fine or toll payment along with an extra administration charge for the process of same!

Enjoy a hassle free holiday car hire by bearing in mind these travel tips! A little forward planning will take you a long way!

Are you heading on holiday to South Africa in the near future? The best way to explore this beautiful country is to avail of a top quality car rental at an affordable price! Have you been on holiday to South Africa? If you have any South Africa travel advice and road safety tips please make your fellow travel readers aware of them. We value your input – Thank You.