Car Hire Australia: Get Value For Your Money

In these times of economic expediency every single pound is vital, even more notably when it comes to things such as holiday spending money. So, if you are thinking of hiring a car for your Australia holiday, find out just how to get more ‘bang for your buck’ – and saving more for your pocket into the bargain!

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- It makes perfect sense to shop around before you hire that rental car that will whisk you from attraction to attraction. Make sure that your car rental incorporates such things as Protection from Theft, Damage cover for the vehicle, Unlimited Mileage, Assistance for Roadside cover, and any airport or rental location extra taxes.

- Make sure you absolutely know what kind of insurance cover you are signing up to. In particular read the small print! Any car hire quotation you will get when shopping around will include insurance, and you will probably be offered extra cover at the car rental desk and its at your own discretion whether you want to take this or not. But be sure in your own mind what you are paying for and how much.

- Try and hire a smaller and more competitively priced car if at all possible. Also bear in mind the numbers you will be carrying and the amount of luggage you will be carrying on board. Take these factors into account and then you are in a good position to get the best value for money car hire Australia.

- Remember that if you pick up your car at one location and return it to another, you are liable to be subject to an extra charge. And if you pick up the rental car outside office hours, you may well have to pay an extra fee for this. So the best thing is to try and collect and return at the same place, and collect it as civilised an hour as possible!

- Remember that to drive a rental vehicle in Australia you must be at least 21 years old. If you have an additional driver on the car hire contract document you may well incur an extra charge- so confirm this with the car rental company and get clear and precise confirmation of same.

- Talk to fellow travellers about their car rental experience(s). Whether it is on travel forums or by trawling through the traveller reviews on a car hire firms website, find out all you need to know about car hire, and what things you can save on.

- Most car hire firms will add an extra fee on for rental extras such as GPS/Sat Nav Systems, baby/booster seats and ski/surfing racks. Make sure that you examine the full rental price and that extra items are included in your overall bill so that you will not have to shell out extra on later!

- And last but definitely not least, before you leave the parking bay area, don’t forget to check that rental car for any visible damage before you put the key into the ignition! Take photos or a video of it if you have to! The last thing you want is an extra credit card charge for a scratch or dent in the bumper that you did not cause. If you do happen to accidentally scratch or damage your hired car – then definitely get an estimate for repair before you are hit with a whopping bill containing mystifying extras!

Have you been to Australia or are planning a visit? If you have any money saving car rental pointers please let your fellow travellers know in the comments box below.