Cyclone Yasi Approaching The Queensland Coast

Thousands of tourists who are holidaying in the Great Barrier Reef area on Australia have fled the area as a giant storm approaches the coast that is forecast to cause colassal flooding and destruction. Read on for more…

Many thousands of tourists have fleed the tourist resorts of the Queensland Barrier Reef area to avoid the destruction of the Cyclone Yasi, which has been aptly depicted as a ‘monstrous killer of a storm’ which is due to hit the north east areas of Australia over the next 24 hours.

All of the resorts in the Barrier Reef in the area have shut down indefinitely and have requested holidaymakers to leave immediately. Airline carriers such as Virgin and Quantas have send additional fleets to help tourists evacuate the threatened areas. Cairns Airport is due to shut down to all passenger fleets so if you are in the area still, contact your airline provider fast. Thereafter, the airport will only serve emergency air fleets.

It is estimated that close to 400,000 live in the Queensland area that is under threat from Cyclone Yasi. Widespread destruction is predicted and the Australian Premier Julia Gillard has urged as much evacuation as possible. Yasi is reported to have the same strength as the deadly Katrina Hurricane, and will be the worst cyclone to ever hit Australia. It is due to hit Innisfail, a town an hour south of Cairns at around 2pm GMT.

Widespread flooding is predicted as there is an expected surge of over 20 feet above the high tide level, with winds of over 180mph. Areas tghat are on high alert are the 400mile stretch of coast from Cairns to Mackay.