Italian Food Festivals

If you are planning a visit to Italy soon, be sure to check out the many events happening throughout the year. It is well known that the Italians have a profound appreciation for food. For this reason, there are many festivals throughout the year in celebration of the gastronomical delights produced here. For information on the better food events, read on..

Many festivals take place throughout the year and indeed can categorised according to season. In Spring, the Festa dei Ciliegi in Fiore taks place each April in Vignola near Modena. It celebrates the cherry trees in flower and features many parades, musical events and art demonstrations. Also taking place in April is the  Sagra dei Garagoi (sea snail festival), each snail prepared with wild fennel, mint and sweet bay.

In Summer check out Festa di Noantri whick takes place in July around the Trastevere quarter of Rome. Celebrating the area’s working class heritage, it features food , wine and song. Fun can also be had at the watermelon eating championships at Sissa near Parma also held during the summer months. Car hire in Italy is relatively cheap and is a recommended option for transport between festivals.

In late August/early September, Sagra della Nocciola held in Castrello in Piedmont, celebrates the variety of nuts produced. Many audiovisual displays outline the production of a variety of nuts. The highlight of this festival is a foot race through hazelnuts.

One of the better winter festivals to attend is the Feast of the Star which takes place in Sabbio Chisa near Brescia. Gifts of wine and food are carried for The Three Kings behind a huge nativity scene. Cheese , wine and salami are consumed after the procession which draws huge crowds each year.