Five Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Do In Barcelona

There is a reason why La Sagrada Familia, the Picasso Museum, and Las Ramblas are top of everyone’s list of Barcelona’s attractions:  They are amazing.  But maybe you want to sample something slightly different after you’ve arranged your Nova car hire for your next visit to the Catalonian capital.
In a city as exciting and eccentric as Barcelona, it’s easy to find the kind of experience that remains with you long after you’ve left.  With your Nova car hire package, you’re free to venture beyond the usual round of Gaudi paellas and sangria and create your own unique Barcelona memories.  See below for some ideas to get you started.  And remember we have outlets conveniently located in downtown Barcelona, Barcelona railway station, and Barcelona airport.

Lose Yourself in a Labyrinth
Get away from the crowds at the Parc del Labirint in Horta.  Located at Passeig dels Castanyers 1, the park’s focal point is a delightfully intricate maze, designed in the 18th century by the architect Domenico Bagutti.  This is a great place for kids, and it’s cheap too:  Entry is around 2 euros, and it’s free on Wednesdays and Sundays.

 Dine In Darkness
No matter how much of a gourmand you think you are, Barcelona’s Dans le Noir?, Passeig Picasso 10, is likely to be a new experience for you.  Blind waiters guide diners to a lightless room, where dining takes place without the benefit of sight.  The food is superb, but it is the memorable nature of the sensory experience that makes this one of coolest things to do in Barcelona.

Meet a Mammoth
Barcelona’s new Mammoth Museum, Calle Montcada 1, is full of prehistoric skeletons recently unearthed in the marshes of Siberia.  Unlike the hushed atmosphere of most such institutions, a more relaxed feel predominates at the Mammoth Museum, where visitors are actually encouraged to handle the tusks and molars of woolly mammoths and the hide of a woolly rhinoceros.

 Castles in the Square
You can’t avoid castles in most tourist destinations, but there’s a particular kind of castle unique to Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia—the building blocks are human.  The so-called Castells are towering creations constructed by acrobatic brave locals according to a tradition dating back to the end of the 18th century in Valls, Tarragona, when rival groups of people called colles, began to compete against each other.
Visitors can watch the competitors training at their premises in Barcelona, near the Clot underground station (red line No. 1 or mauve line No. 2).  Training sessions are normally on Tuesday at 19.30, Thursdays at 19.30.

Dali Museum, Figueres
With your Nova rental car, you are free to explore the many exciting attractions around Barcelona, and one of the most mind-blowing of these has to be the Dali Museum-Theatre in Figueres.  Established in 1974 and designed by the artist himself, this museum is the largest Surrealist object in the world and is closest thing you can imagine to entering the mind of Surrealist genius Salvador Dali.

Inside you will find such oddities as an entire room based on the face of Mae West, with a scarlet couch representing her lips and blonde drapes framing the scene as her hair.  You will need at least a day to appreciate the magnificent madness of it all, but the experience will tinge your dreams forever.