10 Tips For Driving In Sydney

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the biggest city in the Australian continent, so it’s understandable if you feel a little apprehensive about driving in Sydney. No need to despair, however:  Have a quick read of our guide to driving in Sydney and you will soon be motoring like a local.

Driving Sydney

  1. Unless you see a sign stating otherwise, the speed limit in the urban areas of Sydney is 50km per hour. On country roads or freeways, the normal speed limit is usually 100km per hour or on parts of the M4 it can be 110km per hour.
  2. Motorists drive on the left hand side of the road in Australia.
  3. If you are driving slowly on a multi-lane road, use the lane closest to the left.
  4. If you are entering and crossing a junction (intersection) – you must give way to traffic on the right unless the STOP or the YIELD sign regulates them. At a T-junction, the driver that is driving straight through always has the right of way.
  5.  Have your driver’s licence and identification with you at all times when driving in Sydney. The legal driver’s age in New South Wales and Sydney is 16 years of age.
  6. The wearing of a seat belt has been law in Australia since the early 1960s. This regulation is applicable to both front and rear passengers of the vehicle. Child safety restraints must also be used.
  7. Do not drink and drive in Sydney. The blood to alcohol level in Sydney is 0.05 (which amounts to 50 milligrams of alcohol to 100 mililitres of blood), but, to be on the safe side, you should avoid alcohol when driving in Sydney.
  8. There are several Toll Way roads in Sydney, particularly around Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, so have the correct change ready for minimum hassle.
  9.  When driving in Sydney it is important to park properly and safely to avoid getting a parking fine or ticket. Park off the street where there are no restrictions indicated. Car parks or parking stations generally operate on an hourly rate. Insert the exact change into parking meters, and leave on time, if you want to avoid a fine. Rates vary, but expect to pay $7 an hour for metered parking in the CBD during business hours and $3 an hour off-peak.
  10. Roundabout traffic in Sydney travels in a clockwise direction. In the two lanes of the roundabout, you keep to the left if you are turning left or going straight ahead. Stay in the right lane if turning right. Follow the road markings – in some cases you can use the right lane if you are going straight. By law, all drivers in Sydney and New South Wales must signal left when exiting from a roundabout.

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We hope you found our guide to driving in Sydney useful. The most convenient way to get around the city and the surrounding region is to reserve a hire car. For great deals in car rental, check out our Car Rental Sydney page.

Have you driven around Sydney? If you have any driving tips or any tourist information about Sydney please let us know. We appreciate your comments.