September Sunshine on a Budget

Maybe you’re being frugal and waiting for the best bargains to become available when the kids go back to school, or maybe you just can’t face the thought of another autumn without a quick blast of late summer heat – whatever the reason, September is a great time to book a sun holiday.  Choose your destination, book your flights and your car hire, and look forward to an extra-long summer this year!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • September avg temp: 73F/23C

  • Avg daily sunshine;     7 hours

  • Avg monthly rainfall:    10 mm

Wait until the high season has passed to get the best prices for hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Even the more exclusive places overlooking the beaches at Ipanema and Copacabana offer remarkably good value. A strengthening real means Brazil has become more expensive, but it is still far cheaper than Europe and North America.  As for the weather, September is one of the best months to visit Rio de Janeiro. The rainy season has yet to start, and the temperatures remain high. You should enjoy pleasant heat every day, and nights should not be oppressively warm.

september sun 1


Turkey, Antalya


  • September avg temp:    76F/25C

  • Avg daily sunshine :     11 hours

  • Avg monthly rainfall:     10mm

If you’re considering the Turkish resort of Antalya, wait until mid-September to avoid the searing heat, and enjoy delicious sunshine in more comfortable temperatures. Wait until the August crowds subside and you’ll find a lot more room and much better value at the local beach resorts too. Dubbed the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is more than just a great value beach destination: Explore the old city and discover a fascinating Old Town, historical attractions, and a charming harbour.

september sun 2


Lisbon, Portugal

  • September avg temp: 73F/23C

  • Avg daily sunshine:    5 hours

  • Avg monthly rainfall:    30 mm

Lisbon is wonderful at any time of year, with plenty to see and do in what is one of Europe’s most underappreciated cultural capitals. The advantages of visiting in September are obvious as soon as you step off the plane, with delicious heat stretching into the evenings and virtually no rain.  Rainfall levels increase somewhat in October, but Lisbon enjoys pleasant weather nearly all-year round. One downside of September travel is that hotel prices in Lisbon remain high, so venture out of your comfort zone and book a hostel. Hostels in Lisbon are of particularly high quality, so if you are new to backpacking, it is the perfect city to give it a try.

september sun 3

Athens, Greece

  • September avg temp: 74F/24C

  • Avg daily sunshine:     7 hours

  • Avg monthly rainfall:    10mm

Hotel rates don’t fall much in Athens in September, but if you spend just a day or two in the city and then use the easily-accessible ferries to venture out to the popular islands (Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros, for example), you will find prices well below their peak rates. Savage heat means high summer is not a good time to visit this part of the world, so arriving in September makes far more sense.  Particularly in the second half of the month, the heat becomes pleasantly bearable both day and night, and the slight thinning of crowds makes exploring more comfortable too.

september sun 4

Amman, Jordan

  • September avg temp: 74F/24C

  • Avg daily sunshine:     11 hours

  • Avg monthly rainfall:     10mm

Amman is not really a destination in itself, but it makes an ideal base for exploring the rest of Jordan, particularly for trekkers and climbers seeking to explore Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) and for visitors heading to the ancient rose-coloured city of Petra. Travel during July and August in Jordan, and, although prices will be lower, the scorching heat is almost unbearable. Temperatures are far more reasonable in September, and there is almost no chance of rain. Accommodation is especially good value compared with the rest of the Middle East, particularly for standards up to and including three-star, although prices start to rise from September, so book well in advance, if possible.

september sun 5