Driving Rules & Regulations in Sweden

swedenSweden has vast areas of pristine landscape just waiting to be discovered on a road trip. Car hire in Sweden gives you the freedom to explore outside the major cities on excellent roads that are a pleasure to drive. Read up on the rules of road for the best possible Sweden car hire experience:

  • Drive on the right. Yield to traffic on the left at intersections, and overtake only on the left.

  • You must bring a valid driving licence. (Those from non-European Economic Area countries are acceptable). You should also carry your vehicle registration document and proof of insurance.

  • Seat belts are obligatory for all car occupants.

  • Children under seven years of age must be restrained in an appropriate child seat.

  • The legal blood/alcohol limit is 0.02%.

  • Headlights must be switched on even during daylight hours.

  • Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving.

  • From 1 December to 31 March all cars must use winter tyres.

  • The speed limit ranges from 30 km/h in built-up areas to 120km/h on motorways, with the range of limits in between clearly marked on road signs.

  • Beware of elk and reindeer wandering onto the road, particularly in northern areas.

  • Find further information on Swedish road usage here.