The Top 5 Healthiest Cities to Hire a Car

Did you resolve to improve your lifestyle in 2014? Are you keen to live a longer, healthier life? You should check out some of the world’s healthiest destinations for your next road trip. According to rankings from The Guardian and The Economist, these five cities have a proven tradition of promoting behaviours that advance their citizens’ health, so book your flight and car hire to any or all of the following:

car hire singaporeSingapore

Singaporeans enjoy extremely low infant mortality rates and an average life expectancy of 84.07 years (fourth in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook). Hire a car in Singapore and you can look forward to enjoying possibly the cleanest city you will ever visit, where strict laws make everything from littering to spitting illegal. Use your rental car to discover the pristine rainforests and other attractions outside the city, as the government has implemented a successful policy of incentives, pricing, and congestion charges to ease traffic pressure in the centre of Singapore.


You can breathe easy in Tokyo, where greenhouse gas emissions are far lower than in most other Asian cities, thanks to one of the world’s most efficient transit systems. With car hire in Tokyo, you can explore a city regarded by the Guardian as the second-healthiest city in the world, where the average citizen can expect to live more than 84 years. This high life expectancy is down to substantial investment in public health initiatives, an emphasis on hygiene, a diet that favours rice, fish, and vegetables, and a focus on family and community.



In 2013, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) put Perth in its top ten of the most liveable cities in the world, and the Western Australian capital is also considered to be one of the country’s healthiest cities for women. The EIU based its classifications on stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment – with glorious sunshine and a paradise setting on the coast undoubtedly among the factors that helped push it up the rankings. The magazine Australian Women’s Health gives Perth kudos for healthy eating, mental wellbeing, life satisfaction, and medical health. Sounds like the ideal car hire destination to give your health resolutions a kick-start.


If you’re wondering how the Danish capital managed to cut its CO2 emissions so significantly in the past decade, consider that the busiest bike lane in the world crosses the Dronning Louises Bridge, between the buzzing Norrebro neighbourhood and the city centre, with 36,000 cyclists pedalling along it daily. Even if you don’t fancy abandoning car hire in Copenhagen for bike hire, you can look forward to exceptional contemporary art, an exciting emerging fashion scene, and a raft of creative restaurants – including the world-leading Noma.


car hire monacoMonaco

They say wealth won’t bring you health, but you’d have to wonder when you consider that the world’s richest country also has the highest life expectancy. Monaco, a tiny principality glittering on the French Riviera 15km from Nice, has the world’s most millionaires and billionaires per head of the population and also boasts a life expectancy of 89.6 years. Even if you don’t fall into that elevated income bracket, you can always hire a car in Monaco and explore the Rock – the historic old town that incorporates the ruling Grimaldi family’s Prince’s Palace and the Cathédrale de Monaco – or head across the port to Monte Carlo, with its infamous casino and opulent hotels and apartments.