Will Term Time Fines Affect UK Travel Plans?

cheap car hireU.K. Parents Resist Term-Time Holiday Ban

According to a recent BBC survey, the period since the introduction of a government ban on term-time holidays has seen a marked rise in the number of fines imposed on English parents because of their children’s unsatisfactory school attendance. In fact, local authority data reveals that close to 64,000 fines have been issued since the new law was introduced in September 2013 – an increase of approximately 70%. It appears that U.K. travellers are not prepared to revise their family holiday plans in light of the changed laws

Parents React to Ban

With hotels, flights, and car rental generally cheaper outside of traditional holiday periods, parents who take their children out of school for family holidays generally save considerable amounts of money. As a result, the ban on term-time holidays has prompted strong reactions from parents, with hundreds of thousands signing petitions opposing the legislation and demanding that the government adopt measures to prevent holiday companies from increasing their prices significantly at peak times.

The fine for taking a child out of school is £60 per parent per child, with the rate increasing to £120 if not paid within three weeks.

If you’re considering hiring a car for your family holiday, would the ban and associate fines be enough to discourage you from booking outside the school holidays? Let us know!