Haunted Car Hire: The World’s 5 Ghostliest Cities

Boo! It’s that time of year when the supernatural is super-popular, and interest in all things ghostly and macabre reaches new levels of excitement. Nova Car Hire has rounded up some of the most haunted cities from around the world for your ghoulish pleasure – and you can hire a car with Nova in all of them!

cheap car hireNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States

America’s southern port towns have a reputation for high spirits, but New Orleans definitely tops them all when it comes to ghost stories. From graveyards to inns, every corner of this Louisiana city has its own otherworldly atmosphere. The place that stands out, however, is the LaLaurie mansion in the French quarter. Once the property of a 19th-century doctor and his wife, the house is said to bear witness to the barbaric treatment the couple meted out to their slaves, with ghostly sightings reported on a regular basis.

Junee, New South Wales, Australia

Located about a half-hour drive from Wagga Wagga Airport, Junee bears the distinction of being the most haunted location in Australia. This is thanks to the Monte Cristo Homestead, an outwardly elegant late-Victorian manor built by local pioneer Christopher William Crawley in 1885 and now famous for reports of shadowy figures, strange lights, invisible force fields, ghostly noises, and animal mutilations. These are blamed on a series of horrific incidents, including the 1961 murder of a caretaker and the imprisonment of a mentally impaired man for many years in the dairy.  When the Crawleys lived there, an infant is said to have been dropped to his death down the stairs, a servant to have plunged from the balcony, and a stable boy to have been burnt to death.

cheap car hireParis, France

The final resting place of millions of corpses, the Paris Catacombs attract over a million annual visitors, many of whom claim to have felt ghostly presences that follow them as they walk the various passageways. Indeed, some tourists become so spooked by the experience that they have to cut their tours short. Pictures taken within the catacombs have reputedly recorded images of floating orbs and supernatural apparitions. EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings conducted by ghost hunters have convinced them that this is the most haunted location in the French capital.

Rome, Italy

Considering it was the site where gladiators fought to the death and prisoners were torn asunder by tigers and lions – all for entertainment purposes – it is hardly surprising that the Coliseum in Rome is considered to be the city’s most haunted location. And the gore was not confined to the arena: In the vaults below, prisoners often died in gruesome ways. Nowadays, visitors have reported cold spots, brushes against ghostly presences, and the sound of whispering in their ears. Night staff claim to have heard the sounds of swords clanging, people weeping, and animals roaring.

cheap car hireEdinburgh, Scotland

Uncovered in the 1980s, the vaults beneath Edinburgh were home to hundreds of poor citizens who fell victim to plague and other incurable illnesses, as well as to the murderous intent of the infamous Burke and Hare, who sold the bodies of their victims to hospitals. Unsurprisingly, many who dare to visit the vaults vow never to return, due to the creepy presences.

Also in Edinburgh, Greyfriar’s Cemetery has been the site of many gruesome happenings, from body snatching and live burials to witch burning and the mass incarceration of prisoners. Among the ghostly experiences reported are cold spots, loud noises emanating from the tombs, physical attacks by unseen assailants, and poltergeist invasions in nearby homes.

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