How to Keep Your Car Frost-Free this Winter

cheap car hireUnless you’re planning on hibernation, you’re going to have to get through winter somehow, so, whether you are driving your own car or you hire a car, a few prevention tips can keep your windows and windscreen ice-free in cold weather:

Ensure the Car Interior is Dry

If you find your windows and windscreen are fogging up as soon as you start the engine, you need to address the problem of moisture in the car. Before you turn off the engine the night before, make sure your fans are set to ‘recycled air’ instead of ‘new air.’ This closes the vents beneath the bonnet that would normally let the cold, damp external air from circulating in your car overnight.

You should also ensure there are no damp mats or seat covers in the car.

Prevent Frost Forming

Mix three parts vinegar to one part water and put in a spray bottle. Spray your windscreen the night before and wipe with a clean rag. The next morning, your windscreen should be frost free.

Windscreen covers are also highly effective. Cover the glass with them the night before.

Clear Frost

If the worst happens and you forget to treat your windows the night before, pour lukewarm water(boiling water will crack the glass!) over the windscreen and deploy your wipers immediately, with your heater/defroster on full blast.

If your car happens to freeze up in a car park or other location where you don’t have access to water, turn on the car heater to its highest setting to start clearing the ice and then gently scrape away the ice with a credit card. Use two or three together if you’re worried about breaking the card.

Drive Clear

Turn on the air conditioning once you start the engine, to keep the windscreen clear as you drive.