Nova Car Hire Tips: How to Drive at Night

cheap car hireFew people like driving at night, but shorter winter days often mean you’re forced to drive in the dark, whether you like it or not. You don’t have to stay put until the sun shines, however, with our simple tips on driving at night.

Aim Your Headlights

Headlights even in brand-new cars are often uneven or directed lower than they should be, so adjust them accordingly. It can be done using the instructions in the owner’s manual, but be patient as it can take a few attempts before they are aimed properly. Remember not to blind oncoming drivers, however. Once your headlights are aligned correctly, clear them of grime.

Dim Dashboard Lights

Driving with your dashboard lights on full capacity could be affecting your forward vision, so make use of the dimmer switch.

Watch Out for Wildlife

Keep an eye out for the telltale twin bright spots where your car’s headlights reflect off an animal’s eyes. A wildlife collision is not only upsetting, it can also damage your car and result in serious injury.

Avoid Staring at Oncoming Lights

Bright lights can be very distracting, so when a car with high beams approaches, keep your gaze to the side of the road.

Clean Your Windscreen

Streaks that may not be visible during the day can create glare at night. Polish the windscreen with newspaper to get rid of any smears and don’t use your hands to clear away any residue, as the oils from your skin can make matters worse.

Clean and Adjust Your Exterior Mirrors

If mirrors are not clean, they can reflect lights from the cars to your rear in a more diffused pattern, prompting glare. Clean them and direct them so that your head is not in the path of the lights behind you.

Maintain Your Eye Health

Eyes can easily tire during night drive, so keep them moving to retain alertness and avoid focusing on one spot.