How to Rent a Car Seat

cheap car hireFor the times when you cannot bring our own car seat, you will need to take special care to ensure that the one you rent with your hire car is fitted correctly. This is what you need to know:

Advance Preparation

Contact the car rental company in advance to ensure that they have a safe, clean, suitable seat ready for you. Know what the law is in relation to car seats in your destination. They vary in relation to age ranges and positions.

Inspect the Seat

Check for cracks in the seat, worn harnesses, or defective buckles. The seat should have an integrated latch belt. Find the manufacture date on the seat and don’t accept a seat that is more than 5 years old. Make sure the seat is the right size for your child. If you are not happy, look for an alternative.

Use the Manual

If there is no trained member of staff available to help you fit the car seat, use the manual. Ask for a copy to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website if there is none supplied.

Fitting the Seat

A baseless infant seat can be difficult to fit securely without something level to support it. In the absence of a base, use a rolled-up towel. If you cannot secure the infant seat securely, rent a convertible toddler seat instead. The majority of toddler seats can be installed rear-facing and many are suitable for the tiniest of babies; just make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm that the seat will fit your child.