The World’s Most Beautiful Road Trips

Let us transport you to some of the most scenic spots on this planet that you can tour by rental car:

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Amalfi Coast, Italy
Italy’s most scenic stretch of coast, lined with pretty villages, exceptional scenery, and that turquoise Mediterranean…

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Big Island, Hawaii
Discover a vast range of landscapes, from lava deserts to active volcanoes, rolling farmland to craggy mountains, and golden beaches to verdant valleys.

Khardung Pass India

Khardung Pass, India
Some 5km above sea level, the Khardung Pass is the highest road in the world.

Hai Van Pass Vietnam

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam
Hai Van means “ocean clouds,” and you get the best of sea and sky with this drive.

Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
At 2,500km long, this wildly scenic coastal route is the longest defined road trip in the world.