Car Hire Made Easy: Be a Good Passenger

It sounds simple: If you’re not driving, all you need to do is sat back and watch the scenery roll past. There’s more to being an engaged passenger than that, however, and the consequences of being a distracting passenger can be tragic. Here are a few tips on how to be a good co-driver on your next car hire trip:

passengerHelp with Navigation

Just because you’re not physically driving the car does not mean you can just plug in your earphones and fall asleep. You can function as an extra pair of eyes and ears for the driver when he or she is pulling out into traffic or making a turn.

Lean back and turn your head if the driver is checking for oncoming traffic or check yourself. In the absence of GPS, be the navigator.

Put Your Phone Away

Using the phone while driving is a no-no, but chatting to your friends as a passenger can also be a distraction for the driver. If you must use the phone, keep your voice down and keep it short.

Don’t Get Excited

If you scream, yelp or gasp when something unexpected happens, you’re simply increasing the likelihood that the driver will react badly in an emergency situation. Keep calm, don’t shout, and don’t hang on to the passenger door.

Don’t be a Back-Seat Driver

Remember you are not the person driving the car. Pointing out every perceived error the driver makes is just going to increase stress levels. You might think you are helping, but restrict your comments to information and avoid negative comments. Save it for after the drive.