Airport Car Hire: 6 Steps to Faster Boarding

Whether you are dropping off your rental car or picking it up, airports can be a major roadblock in even the best-planned itineraries. Don’t end (or start) your trip on a sour note: Follow Nova Car Hire’s half-dozen tips and you’ll be in and out of the airport in no time.

airport delaysEquip Yourself

Before you protest that getting through the airport quickly is surely about bringing less stuff—not more—the equipment we’re talking about is designed to make your travel life much easier. Some items are useful enough to justify buying purely for getting on and off that plane as smoothly as possible. We’re talking about things like slip-on shoes, clear bags with zips for cosmetics and toiletries, and bags designed to accommodate airline’s specific carry-on rules.

Check Flight Status

It may sound glaringly obvious, but it’s surprising how often even seasoned travellers overlook this simple step. Avoid turning up at the airport to find your flight delayed or cancelled by checking the flight status not just before you leave your home or hotel but before you leave your car in the airport carpark or car rental depot. Flight status updates can change by the minute.

Save Useful Info

Before you leave the house/hotel, ensure you have your airline’s free-phone numbers and download useful apps such as Tripit. That way, you will receive immediate notifications of flight delays and cancellations and have easy access to alternative flight details and other information.

Check In Online

This is particularly convenient if you are not checking in any bags. It may not be quite as useful if you are checking in luggage, however, as staff will often reissue a second boarding pass.

Prepare Documentation

Take out all the documents you will need to check in (passport, boarding pass, credit card) and put them in an easily accessible pocket or compartment of your bag. Pack all other documents (Nova Car Hire booking confirmation, for example) separately to avoid losing them or getting them mixed up.

Weigh Your bags

Many airports are now placing scales in front of the check-in areas, so if you are concerned that your carry-on luggage might be too heavy, weigh it before you get in the queue. That means you can do any necessary redistribution prior to reaching the counter—thus saving time and avoiding the glares of the passengers behind you…