7 Tips to Pack Light for Your Next Trip

cheap car hireMost of us are guilty of bringing too much stuff with us when we travel: Too many pairs of shoes, toiletries you’ll find in the hotel, hair dryers. Luckily, at Nova Car Hire we know some super-organised people who have honed their packing skills to perfection, and they were kind enough to share some tips that  you can use the next time you rent a car:

Make your bag easier to roll through endless airport corridors by putting heavier items such as shoes at the short end of the suitcase (where the wheels are).

Lose the shoes! Bring a pair of runners for walking and flip-flops for the beach or your hotel room. A pretty pair of comfortable flats should bring you from day to evening. Wear your bulkiest shoes, particularly in winter.

A large scarf or pashmina is ideal as a wrap on cooler evenings, and you can also use it is a blanket or roll it up as a pillow for the plane.

Pack a small extension lead/outlet extender with a USB charge port, so that you don’t have to bring extra plugs and chargers. You’ll just need the USB cords.

Bring less makeup. Consider what you will actually wear, and leave the rest at home. Pack makeup wipes instead of liquid cleansers. They will also double up for cleaning up small stains and spills.

Cut down on devices. If you’re travelling for leisure, you probably just need your phone. You’ll be able to stay in touch, use social media, and take great pictures.

Be a glass half-full person and pack items for the best-case scenario. If the worst happens, you can buy your way out of it.