How to Drive Stress-Free in Traffic

Negotiating heavy traffic on the road—whether in your own vehicle or in a rental car—is up there with dental appointments and job interviews among the most stressful experiences of ordinary life. At Nova Car Hire, we don’t have a magic wand to make the other cars disappear, but we can point out some ways to make the experience less unpleasant:

cheap car hireBe Prepared

As with virtually every situation in life, ensuring you are equipped to deal with possible delays and detours will give you the upper hand in the battle to survive heavy traffic with your sanity intact. Check out traffic reports before you head out, so you can plan your route to avoid any disruptions due to road repairs, traffic accidents etc.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Leaving late introduces stress into the situation before you’ve even hit the traffic, so make a conscious effort to allow sufficient time to get to your destination in good time. You are also a greater risk on the road if you are struggling to make up for lost time, as you are more likely to break the speed limit, speed through an amber light, or take risks entering roundabouts or leaving junctions.

Let It Go

No, we’re not referring to a certain Frozen smash hit; we’re advising you not to take it personally when another driver cuts you off in traffic or does something designed to set your stress levels to warning-light heights. You will never know what kind of mental place that person was in when they pulled out in front of you or whether they just made a mistake. We hesitate to remind you, but you may not be a perfect driver yourself, so don’t expect others to be. Take your palm away from the car horn, forget about it, and move on.

Approach the Situation Differently

Instead of steaming away in your own fury as the traffic shudders along at single-digit speeds, use the time to relax. Listen to the radio or put on your favourite music. Take deep breathes and and let the tension leave your muscles. There is absolutely nothing you can do, so calm down and you’ll get there in a far more positive frame of mind.