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Family Fun in Brisbane

Even the most devoted parent would have to admit that travelling with children is not always fun.  Trying to find activities that the whole family enjoys can be a heartbreaking and even futile experience in many cities – but, thankfully, not in Brisbane.  Here you’ll find an abundance of options that will amuse and even […]

10 Tips For Driving In Sydney

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the biggest city in the Australian continent, so it’s understandable if you feel a little apprehensive about driving in Sydney. No need to despair, however:  Have a quick read of our guide to driving in Sydney and you will soon be motoring like a local. […]

Adventure in Australia

At Nova Car Hire, we’re all for packing as much as possible into the limited time most of us can spend on holiday, but even we won’t try to argue that you can rent a car and see Australia in a fortnight. Not only is Australia so big you could fit the entire continent of Europe into it, and still have plenty of space to spare, its attractions are spread right across the country.

Discover Australia’s Top Attractions

Don’t try to cram everything in on your first trip to Australia: It’s just too big! Anyway, even if you are intent on covering the major attractions in a couple of weeks, the laid-back attitude of the Australians is so infectious, you’ll probably abandon your itinerary in favour of a more relaxed (and infinitely more sensible) approach. If time is limited, your two realistic alternatives after you pick up your Sydney Airport car rental are the Reef (Great Barrier) or the Rock (Uluru).

Cyclone Yasi Approaching The Queensland Coast

Thousands of tourists who are holidaying in the Great Barrier Reef area on Australia have fled the area as a giant storm approaches the coast that is forecast to cause colassal flooding and destruction. Read on for more… Many thousands of tourists have fleed the tourist resorts of the Queensland Barrier Reef area to avoid the destruction […]

Car Rental Australia: Great Driving Routes

Heading on an travel adventure in the land Down Under soon or in the coming months? There are so many driving routes you can explore in Australia; so you will be totally spoilt for choice. You will come across ancient discoveries, charming heritage towns and villages, wonderful scenery and very interesting travel experiences! For some […]

Car Hire Australia: Get Value For Your Money

In these times of economic expediency every single pound is vital, even more notably when it comes to things such as holiday spending money. So, if you are thinking of hiring a car for your Australia holiday, find out just how to get more ‘bang for your buck’ – and saving more for your pocket into […]

Tips When Touring the Australian Countryside

It’s always important when you are driving in a country on different roads to what you are used to, to be aware of the driving conditions you will be facing. As you leave the urban areas and the main highways of Australia in order to reach those magnificent tourist destinations and attractions may be well off […]

Discover The Top Attractions Of Queensland

Widely regarded as the most picturesque region of Australia, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to holidays in Queensland, in the north east of Australia. Not only have you 300 days of sunshine, but there are plenty of outdoor attractions, rural and urban locations, coastal holidays and trips to the famed outback […]