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See Cyprus with Nova Car Hire

Rent a car in Cyprus, and you will discover a country that likes to mix things up. Cyprus has all the laid-back luxury you would expect from a European Mediterranean paradise, but its closeness to Africa and Asia gives it an exotic edge.

Top Tips For Driving In Cyprus

Are you going to Cyprus on vacation this summer? Are you considering renting a car? If you are then this article is just what you needed to bring you up to speed! For all you will require to know about driving in Cyprus, and the top tips that we recommend, then read on for more… […]

Ten Good Reasons To Visit Cyprus

Cyprus has long been the holiday destination of choice for tourists from all over the world. Yes, the sun and the warm beaches are major factors in deciding to visit but there are so many other reasons why you should consider a vacation in Cyprus. After going there once, you shall definitely return to the sun kissed island paradise […]

Discover The Top Resorts of Cyprus

The exotic Eastern Mediterranean Island of Cyprus is a paradise for tourists – with attractions dating from ancient times, from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine ages, and sun drenched beaches that are hard to keep away from! The island is home to some of the most wonderful resorts and beaches you will ever come across […]

Travel Tips Cyprus – So Much To Do And See

Cyprus is an enchanting island on the eastern Mediterranean. It’s a mix of Eastern and Western cultures and boasts a breathtaking landscape dotted with charming little villages. The weather is a huge factor – it’s warm all year round but gets a little cooler from September onwards with just a little rain in December – […]