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Protect Your Home While You’re Away: 10 Burglary Prevention Tips

You’ve hired a car and  you’re looking forward to getting away on a much-needed break, but a niggling fear at the back of your mind just won’t go away: How can you make sure nobody breaks into your house while you’re gone? Criminals are coming up with more and more inventive ways to relieve you […]

The Land of Your Life: 5 of the World’s Most Unusual Airports

Once you’ve seen one airport, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Airports specialise in a generic sameness that makes it difficult to differentiate one from another in memory.  Now and again, however, we come across a gem that makes us sit up, take notice, and remember just how exciting the world of flight is: Tenzing-Hillary, […]

Driving in Stormy Weather? Here’s What You Should Know

With severe weather warnings being issued on a virtually daily basis, getting behind the wheel this winter can be a challenging experience, to say the least. Before you drive anywhere, check weather reports and follow any recommendations from local authorities on road conditions. Here are some tips for driving in hazardous weather conditions: Slow down. […]

Best Ways to Stay Awake on Long Drives

Travelling extensively is a great way to expand your horizons – but it can also involve some pretty long and tedious car journeys. So how do you remain safely alert when you know you’re going to be stuck behind the wheel for hours? Next time you rent a car, try some of these useful tips: […]

Top Tips For Fuel-Efficient Driving

Your car’s mileage per gallon is not some mysterious figure over which you have no control: It changes according to a range of influences. Here are some fuel-saving tips

Island Hopping in Europe

If you’re starting to forget what that golden ball in the sky looks like, rent a car on one of Europe’s sunny islands, and leave the misery behind.

Best Beaches in Europe

Sun, sea, and sand are the basics for any beach holiday, but after that, it’s up to you. Do you like lively nightlife and familiar foods at your choice of resort? Here are the most popular beach destinations in Europe.