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Porto: What You Should Know Before You Go

Many people think of the golden beaches of the Algarve when Portugal is mentioned, but there is a lot more to this Iberian country than that. Porto (or Oporto) is a coastal city at the mouth of the Douro river, 200 miles north of Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, and 100 miles south of Spain. If […]

Discover The Wonderful Algarve

Watching the Atlantic ocean sparkle in the light from a sun-drenched sapphire sky may be the most strenuous thing you do while on your Portugal car hire break in the Algarve. Wander the beach and let the world go by, or simply snooze on the golden sand – it’s easy to perfect the art of idling in the beach haven of the Algarve. If all that relaxation proves exhausting, you can always use your rental car to explore the other delights of this region of Portugal. From golf to historic attractions, the Algarve has something for every kind of holiday.

Top Resorts Of The Algarve

The Algarve is the most southernly region in Portugal – in fact it might be bordered by the Atlantic but it posesses all the ingredients of a classic Mediterranean vacation – clean and golden beaches, plenty of sun and warm waters! The Algarve has something for everyone – whether you are going for a golfing break, […]

Discover The Top Attractions Of Portugal

When it comes to a relaxing break in Portugal, you will be spoilt for choice. Despite being a relatively small country, there are treasures inherent here that you will remember for a lifetime! The country features cities with ancient attractions, castles and palaces, wonderful scenery with a diverse landscape from mountainous regions to river valleys, […]

Portugal Travel Tips – See What You Want To See

Portugal is located on the western section of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s bordered to the east and north by Spain and to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The country has had a significant impact on world affairs in the past, in particular during the Age of Exploration when Portugal was a world […]