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sleeping at airports

Sleeping in Airports: 5 Top Tips for Comfort

Whether you’ve been stranded there due to a delayed or cancelled flight or you just can’t/won’t pay to stay in a hotel for the night, sometimes you may find yourself in the unenviable position of having to sleep in an airport.  We’re not going to attempt to convince you that you can have a restful […]

The Top 5 Healthiest Cities to Hire a Car

Did you resolve to improve your lifestyle in 2014? Are you keen to live a longer, healthier life? You should check out some of the world’s healthiest destinations for your next road trip. According to rankings from The Guardian and The Economist, these five cities have a proven tradition of promoting behaviours that advance their […]

10 Places to Visit Before You Die

It’s a new year – the perfect time to design your ideal itinerary. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing life to happen to you while you’re busy making other plans: Make plans to see the world before life passes you by. Here are some ideas of places you should include on your next fantasy […]